Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Super Soul Flow ~ Meditation Canvas -FREEDOM ~

Posted all the course sh-tuff underneath my work...
#SuperSoulFlow is a Project I'm involved with. 
Helping co-author a book over 2015.

So one of the things we're doing is to have an on-going Meditation Canvas. 
A place to just PLAY and GO WITH THE FLOW on set topics... 
This round it's FREEDOM
So space cleared, candle lit, incense going, paint, water, brushes amd music ready I sunk in this morning. 
Used my own music instead of the suggested tracks... 
MY Soundtrack:
-Rout of Moy
-Scotland is her Name
-Unleash the Albannach


Decided to use a canvas that has been sitting around, driving me crazy... started a project on it then it got torn. White washed and patched it can now be put to goods use. 
There is a certain FREEDOM in that!


Ready to start: 

In Progress... 

DONE + Journal:

DONE and on the wall in the Studio Area:

SSF quotes_200_2
When we come into alignment with that which makes our heART sing, that which makes us vibrate with joy, that which we want to shout from the rooftops and share with everyone we know, that is when we experience SUPER SOUL FLOW.
In the Super Soul Flow: The Project 2015, Whitney Freya is going to guide you into the space where you can FEEL this energy of Super Soul Flow. Once you FEEL it, you can continue to create and expand this energy into more and more of your life.
We have experienced smallness, hesitation, self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear. We have experienced this in perfect timing so that NOW we can KNOW that we can also choose bigness, boldness, confidence, optimism and joy!
Does it sound too big? Too dreamy?
Let Whitney Freya bring it back down for you, back down into a manageable, learnable, arena. Whitney Freya is about to take you up to and, then, BEYOND the canvas into the art that is your life!
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