Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 6: Multi-Journal (February 2 - 8th)

Some of my journaling is hidden under a flap it was not pretty stuff, which kinda rolled into the rest fo my week. Felt like an entire week of the dreaded Thursdays.
Still plugged along nad got 2 ART pieces done (a donation and a gift) so...
 Ra-Ra, Toot-Toot, Huzzah! 

...aaand this was the week to work on SELF LOVE in Paint & Chronicle. 
I admit I left it til the end but did get it done. 
Didn't really cover any of the other prompts, will try to work them in next week. 

Bits and Pieces used this week:
-ATC backs
-Service Ontario evelope
-Snip of one of our wedding thank-you cards (hidden journaling)
-Thrift Store receipt
-dead SMASH tape (crap-y roll!)
-PizzaPizza receipt
-Starbucks cup wrap
-Wasji Tape (flag)
-Old test sheet from a home-cut stencil (keyhole)

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