Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 7: Multi-Journal (February 9 - 15th)

Well... Week 7 was farrrrr from stellar over-all.
I had and still have the sicks...

The Flu bug that's been working it's way through Ottawa got it's foot-claws-little-pointy-teeth in the door here at Days End. The adults have been and are -all- still sick, the kids are starting to fall one by one. Got 2 of them home today with fevers. I'm the only one that couldn't get a flu shot this year and it shows... 
Road Kill is a very nice way of describing how I feel... OK maybe re-heated Road Kill, but you get the idea. Happy Fluffy Journaling noooooot on the up and up this past week.
***ie: Language Warning***
You better Fuckin' believe it! 

Items used this round:
-Leftover paper scraps
-CHEO appointment card
-IKEA flyer bit
-Paint rub-off scrap
-Grocery list with a note from Greg on it
-Movie Stub
-Theater Ticket Stub
-Top off Valentine's Candy box
Part of a 12 X 12 scrapbook paper
-Washi Tape
-Journal Cards

Met the following prompts:
 -Valentines! from Journal 52
-Layers You Will Love / Don't Stop til you get Enough! from The Documented Life Project
-Stillness-Solitude-Peace from Paint and Chronicle. 

Lots of little spurt journaling as I was feeling up to it. Few flippy bits, LOTS of stickers... Not my thing usually, but needed the quick pretties this week. 
The week started off well, lots of plans and things to look forward to buuuuut... Best laid plans of Mice and Mum are no competition against knock you on your bloody'arse super-bugs. blarrrrggg...
It is done, the week and the writing.
Pleased with 'enough' this round. 

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