Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 5: Multi-Journal (January 26th - February 1st)

All caught up again...
Week 5

Snippets used:
-Backing off ART collage paper pack
-Drip Sheet snips
-Paper scraps
-DS Plumbing Notepad Paper
-Print off of event poster

HoneLife had no prompt posted this week (???)
Used the Documented Life Project Under Paper prompt a few times... *grin* Got LOTS of those. 
Wrote on Service for Paint & Chronicle.
Covered the #MondayMugshots by adding my Monday Meme. 
Then... I used the Television prompt from Journal 52 to make a new as-the-year-progresses page. Had already planned to add a Book list, adding a TV one to was just -too- perfect. 

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