Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 13: Multi-Journal (March 23rd - 29th)

Week 13: Multi-Journal (March 23rd - 29th) 

Bits used this week:
-printed meme
-printed photo
-scavenger hunt cards from Geek Market
-Geek Market sticker
-used name tag
-info card from game @Geek Market 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 12: Multi-Journal (March 16th - 22nd)

Week 12: Multi-Journal (March 16th - 22nd) 

Bits used this week:
-ATC Backgrounds
-paper scraps
-note paper
-printed photos
-printed meme
-washi tape
-scrapbook paper

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Super Soul Flow ~ Meditation Canvas - SELF LOVE ~

"Paint a heart. Paint more than one. 
Paint them in a new way. 
Create your own heART symbol."

Completed the February Painting for SUPER SOUL FLOW on Friday the 13th... Posting late, as is my theme, lol. Creating my meditation canvas piece this month was also late because SELF-LOVE in the form of Self-Care was THE theme of the month, I was sick for almost 3 weeks and 2 of those were spent in bed, taking care of ME. 
Was MOREthan ready to start painting once I got back to my desk again... 
I put the music on, incense, candle and off I went for almost 2 hours! 
Found that I was doing a lot of finger painting, flowing... spirals and deep arcs, arrows and a triskelion. The word GROW came to me several times and in the end there was a heART flower on the canvas... 
Self-Love I know deep down is something I struggle with. 
-I am growing in Self-Love-

*Your “Meditation Canvas” or any other canvas 
*Acrylic paints (white, black, red, yellow, blue, magenta, cerulean blue are my basic colors) 
*Water container 
*Palette: paper plate, meat tray, artist palette… 
*Paper towels, rags, etc. 
*Your *Painting Practice Playlist(s) 
*A candle to bring “ARTual” to your Super Soul Flow Painting Practice 
*Your writing journal 

Breathe in the words, “I AM in my love.” 

Read this affirmation out loud before you begin your painting practice, from The Book Love and Creation by Paul Selig:

“I AM in my love. Yes, I am worthy of love, and I understand now that the belief that I am not allowed love by myself is an act of fear, and is the ego seeking to maintain jurisdiction of my light to prevent me from full realization of my Divine Self and all the wonder that it would bring to me. I am free of this fear as I say it. I AM free. I AM free. I AM free. I AM in my love.”

Music Selected:
Sacred Spirit Drums -David & Steve Gordon

In Progress Pictures: 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 11: Multi-Journal (March 9th - 15th)

Week 11: Multi-Journal (March 9th - 15th) 

Bits used this week:
-ATC background
-paper scraps
-printed photos
-coloring book page
-printed meme

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 10: Multi-Journal (March 2nd - 8th)

Week 10: Multi-Journal (March 2nd - 8th) 

Bits used this week:
-Hair Dye instruction sheet

-paper scraps
-washi tape
-tissue paper
-printed meme
-ATC sheets

Week 9: Multi-Journal (February 23rd - March 1st)

White Rabbit Edition!
Running behind... 
Well, less running and more still dragging after that nassssssty bug swept through the house. 
Better now, but late... late... late!!!

Pretty Basic Git'r'done as far as the challenges went...
 Feeling less 'chatty' writing wise so filled a BIG gap with a #MondayMugshot print off. Tucked most of the journaling in a cut-down greeting card re-lined with some stationary. 

Bits used this week:
-Scrapbook Paper snips
-BIG border sticker, cut down
-IKEA flyer snip
-Starbucks cup wrap
-Ticket from the Chemistry Magic Show
-ATC back card
-Rubber Stamp
-Washi Tape
-Stationary Paper
-Greeting Card

Prompts covered:
-Artistic Restraint-Repeat Journal 52
-Reading a Message and hearing the Senders Voice for #MondayMugshot - A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
-Self Love from Paint & Chronicle
-It's Worth Repeating for The Documented Life Project 
*Turned into OWL WEEK!!!*