Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just for fun...

I'm blessed to have the best scrappin' subject out there... my 4 Boyz. Though there are days they run screaming from the 'Mommy Paparazzi', they do enjoy seeing themselves Scrapped.

Here are a couple of 'just for fun' Layouts:


I love how this one flowed together, the colors... the card stock...

I must say that the stitching was a real PITA, or more aptly finger. I broke my right index finger a few months ago, waited to see a dr (thought it was just a sprain) and it didn't set right. I'm to chicken to go in right now and have them re-break and set it again .*whimper* So I'm muddling through with the blessing of the all'hallowed Advil. The break does make some of the craftier things I do a bit more... trying. Stitching for example! lol.

The stickers had 'photo' brads and stitching. ennnnnnhhh... didn't look right, so I covered them in real brads and real stitching. Vellum quote, ChatterBox peel and stick corners and a sprinkle of rub-ons... voila!

The Kraft Dinner Kid:

Arthur... King of the Kitchen! Greg snapped these one day when he was wandering around adjusting the settings on the camera. Toooo hard to resist! I've had an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of KD paper sitting around from the ancient of days when all scrappin' paper was 8 1/2" X 11"... a bygone era... lol. The stickers were from the $ store, but the pots were full of veggies so I picked them apart, 'drew' KD on some yellow card stock to refill the pots and reassembled them. Perfect. Simple... but more importantly Arthur LOVES it. 1st page he shows off when sharing the family book.

THAT is why I scrapbook. :-)

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