Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher... Teacher...

That time of year: Gift Giving...
For the teachers it's always a little 'difficult' for us.
The boyz go to a small school were during any given day almost every teacher in the school is teaching them something. There's a lot of 'class swapping' so that they get the very best out of every staff member there...
I think this is great, one of the many reasons we're on cross-boundary transfer to keep them there....
buuuutttt, a bit of a pain at Gift-y Times. :O)
My solution is to make small little tokens with more 'heart' than wallet in them.
This year we put together packages of Snowman Poop!
Now come on... what kid doesn't want the joy of giving one of their teachers...
um, well... POOP?!!!
These are the finished bags.
Must say they smell sooooo good. The candy is Mint Snow Drop... oh yum.
I was good. All 90 baggies are full and I didn't snack... much. ;O)
I made enough for the teachers, office staff, 2 custodians and the 6 teachers in my other sons special needs school.
I figured while I was at it I made enough extra for a few neighbours, babysitters and the Grandparents.
Printed off the labels, and the tag toppers... then attached the tag toppers to cardstock and stapled them to the top of the baggies. Stapled to make sure they get to school un-snacked. ;o)
Happy Holidays 2009!

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