Friday, September 14, 2012

Angels In My Studio -- Video Lesson #5: Claudia Olivos' Mixed-Media Angel & Chamuel and Charity Attunement.

3 days later... she is done and I love her.

Day 1:
Watched through  Claudia Olivos's videos once then sat down to sketch while listening to our 2nd  Angel Attunement with Michael Golzmane: Chamuel & Charity (my 2nd time through).
Then put the videos on in the background again while preparing my canvas background. The lesson suggested wood but for some reason I felt called to use this 12" X 9" canvas... I had put it aside because of a small tear in the center (bad packing job coming home from the store), it came with the Display Easel.
Background was painted pink/white, then LOTS of paper layers (3-4 deep -music paper-book text-diecuts-pattern papers, etc...) put on with Matte Gel Medium. Used a heart paper doilie as a stencil and Glimmer Misted... then I flipped the heart over and pressed it into the thick layers and it left some lovely texturing while blending the dots of color in. 
Left it to dry. 
Day 2:
Played the attunement through as I started to paint her in...
Then cut her out. 
I also used some silver and copper rub-on added with my finger tips to bring out the texturing.
Day 3:
Started by taking the doilie I'd used Day 1 and sponge painted it with purple pearl, light blue and silver paint, placed aside to dry. Used the sponge to make layers of circles for her Halo.
Once the doilie was dry I cut out the heart that read: WITH LOVE and cut it in 1/2. These pieces became her wings... lightly pencil sketched where they would go then painted silver on the canvas. Then I stamped a text script stamp over all the silver in a soft grey as well as here and there around the canvas.
Attached the heart, her wing and finally the angel with Matte Gel Medium. 
Then went in with silver Sharpie and white Gel Pen to highlight her and there, dot the halo and clothing and write the words on. 

Hearts say: 
Love, Hope and Grace.
Corner reads: 
(and Charity's 3 flames)

Then touches of bling-age on her collar and headdress as well as adding the heart in the corner. The heart was something my husband found in the bus parking lot at work last night and brought home for me... it was perfect. I added the Gems to the 'holes' that were already on it and attached it with Glue Dots.
Last step was stamping some purple swirls around the edges and over her a bit.
...and there she is.

The pictures do not do the texturing justice... but alas touch-o-vision does not exist. lol

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

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