Friday, September 7, 2012

Free Journaling: Quote Prompt

This page was done for a weekly prompt in one of my Art-sy Groups: 

"You must either BE a work of Art or WEAR a work of Art" ~Oscar Wilde~

 Decided to be 'clever' with this one. ;O)
It's the Mona Lisa WEARING the Mona Lisa!
The 2nd (close up) picture has the details you can't quite see in the 1st (full page) photo...
Randomly brushed Gloss Gel Medium all over the big Mona Lisa to get it texturally looking/feeling more like a 'real' painting. 
Framed out in wood-grain pattern paper.
The necklace is quite thick; mounted on cereal box board then coated in a THICK layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer. This is what took so long today, whhhyyyyyyy... does this always take sooo long the dry?! *sigh* The rest of the page was ready hours ago, lol. 
Worn on a pretty Red Ribbon.

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