Friday, September 7, 2012

The Red Key: Gone Wild Art Journaling `Perspective'

Let’s talk about perspective.
In my personal explorations of perspective, I have come up with four ways I have of experiencing the world around and within me. Being a very visual person, I refer to these ways as ‘looks’. The word ‘look’ is very powerful for me but you might find it more powerful to ‘listen’, ‘sense’, ‘experience’, etc. As you read the description of each of these different ways of ‘looking’, ask yourself if ‘look’ works for you and adapt accordingly.
So that was the start of it... 
Did some free writing in and around some of the issues I'm wrestling over regarding the Divine and my/the worlds views, relationship with religious 'institutions' etc... Originally I was thinking along 'look down you will only see the dirt, look up you see the rest of the universe' but my MUSE went another way. She threw a book at me, literally!!! I was heading to the kitchen to re-load the dishwasher and bumped into a pile of teetering sh-tuff (we have LOTS of those being in the midst of pre-move-packing) and knocked a book over. (Woman's Magic by Sue Bowes) Took the book with me to the bathroom and when I opened it up this quote jumped out at me:

"A relationship that deals with Truth,
Walks always the fine line between Chaos and Cosmos."
~Meher Baba~

Total AH HA! moment... 
It summed up most of what I'd written about in one simple sentence. 

Lady was pencil drawn then traced out in Sharpie PEN. 
Holding a metal ruler on the page, water color painted each side a different blue. 
Then used Gold and Silver Sharpie for the sun rays and stars. 
Colored her in with a mixture of Stampin' Up! markers and Sharpies.  
HAD to add those Black Feathers and Red Roses.
Then started finger painting the background with Gold and Silver paint.
Last step was retracing the Tightrope and adding the Red Thread helping to hold her up...

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