Friday, September 14, 2012

Angels In My Studio -- Video Lesson #5: Claudia Olivos' Mixed-Media Angel & Chamuel and Charity Attunement.

3 days later... she is done and I love her.

Day 1:
Watched through  Claudia Olivos's videos once then sat down to sketch while listening to our 2nd  Angel Attunement with Michael Golzmane: Chamuel & Charity (my 2nd time through).
Then put the videos on in the background again while preparing my canvas background. The lesson suggested wood but for some reason I felt called to use this 12" X 9" canvas... I had put it aside because of a small tear in the center (bad packing job coming home from the store), it came with the Display Easel.
Background was painted pink/white, then LOTS of paper layers (3-4 deep -music paper-book text-diecuts-pattern papers, etc...) put on with Matte Gel Medium. Used a heart paper doilie as a stencil and Glimmer Misted... then I flipped the heart over and pressed it into the thick layers and it left some lovely texturing while blending the dots of color in. 
Left it to dry. 
Day 2:
Played the attunement through as I started to paint her in...
Then cut her out. 
I also used some silver and copper rub-on added with my finger tips to bring out the texturing.
Day 3:
Started by taking the doilie I'd used Day 1 and sponge painted it with purple pearl, light blue and silver paint, placed aside to dry. Used the sponge to make layers of circles for her Halo.
Once the doilie was dry I cut out the heart that read: WITH LOVE and cut it in 1/2. These pieces became her wings... lightly pencil sketched where they would go then painted silver on the canvas. Then I stamped a text script stamp over all the silver in a soft grey as well as here and there around the canvas.
Attached the heart, her wing and finally the angel with Matte Gel Medium. 
Then went in with silver Sharpie and white Gel Pen to highlight her and there, dot the halo and clothing and write the words on. 

Hearts say: 
Love, Hope and Grace.
Corner reads: 
(and Charity's 3 flames)

Then touches of bling-age on her collar and headdress as well as adding the heart in the corner. The heart was something my husband found in the bus parking lot at work last night and brought home for me... it was perfect. I added the Gems to the 'holes' that were already on it and attached it with Glue Dots.
Last step was stamping some purple swirls around the edges and over her a bit.
...and there she is.

The pictures do not do the texturing justice... but alas touch-o-vision does not exist. lol

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scrap Our Stash Design Team Project: September BTS Challenge

BTS usually means Back to School, but not here at SOS this month! This month it means you are to use your stash with anything that begins with the letters in BTS!!! 
B might mean buttons and brads 
T might mean twine and tin 
S might mean sequins and silver 
Remember YOU choose what B, T, and S mean and dig into that stash of yours!
Join us!
BTS means something to all of us in this house right now...
Boxes, Tape & Stress!
We are moving... 
We don't know when but we know it's within the next 2 months. 
Due to the decline of my Mother's motility after being hit by car, with the light as a pedestrian crossing the road withing the crosswalk, back in April; and my Father's Alzheimer's starting to get to the 'we need to plan ahead' stage... We've all come to the decision that we're best getting a 2 home-house together now. In hopes that my parents will be able to live longer, happier lives in a *house* (yard, keep theirs dogs etc...) with family to help. On our end it means my parents are quite willing to help out with homework (with 4 boys that's no small task!) and passing on some of their knowledge and stories now, before they disappear (as in my Dad's case). 
It's win-win! Considering the amount of time we all spend at each other's houses now we'll also gain heaps of travel time back... lol.
In the meantime we're playing what I refer to as the 'Game of Homes' as we go through each stage of the game: selling their house, making an offer on a new one, moving and then fixing and selling ours. That means we're living in Box-Ville and it's growing every day. 
Most of my Studio has been packed up so I'm trying operate on a bare minimum of supplies... hence my page! Used a piece of scrap box, packing tape, stickers, single rub-on and Sharpies for the titling... and embellished with a snipped up sheet of BoBunny Rub-Ons scattered all over. 
Scrapping my very limited Stash!

 Bit of angle for less shiny...
 Title up close:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Travelling Art Journal: Numbers

Belongs to: Denise Hunter
Size: 5 3/4" X 8 3/4"
(Made a double so it's 2X as wide)


Went all MATRIX style on this one... 
That running screen of eerily glowing green numbers kept popping into my head...
Now it's out and ART-ed. 
Printed papers and lots of paint smeared on with a used iTunes card. 

Travelling Art Journal: Favorite Quote

Belongs to: Linda Breshears
Size: 7 1/4" X 11"

Don't forget that your spirit-twinkle 
makes life's rainbow shine bright.  
~Terri Guillemets~

Decided to work with the lovely texture already on the paper in this book...
Dolloped paint on and smeared it across (several times) with a piece of plexiglass then doodled. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Red Key: Gather the Keys (Part II)

Uh... yeah...
That 'plan' to work on the 16 topics/keys over the next few WEEKS... 
My Muse and the Universe had other plans soooo... it's DONE!
Background is ink smudged and then the Red Thread drawn through 'tying' all the topics together. Each section is colored the same as the KEY for that topic was on the other page. 

Today planned to ready the background, that's it, then pick away bit-by-bit at each topic as my health, the kids, scheduling etc... allowed over the next 2 weeks.
The kids all took them selves off to play in the gorgeous sunshine-y after the rain weather... 
Hubby's away at work... 
The phone didn't ring today... *gasp* Unheard of!
Supper was already made... 
My Muse said: "Hellz YES Gurl, Let's get this going!" 
Sat down to start and before I knew it... it was all done! 

16 Keys/Topics:

Babble... Babble... Babble!!!

The Red Key: Gather the Keys (Part I)

Preparing to step into a 'review' of The Red Key summer session and all the topics/keys...
*My* goal for the next couple of weeks is to ART my way through the 16 'keys'. I started today with a double spread in my Book of Legends to lead into this section...
My Muse holding the Red Thread running through the 16 Keys:
  • PLAY 

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Red Key: Gone Wild Art Journaling `Perspective'

Let’s talk about perspective.
In my personal explorations of perspective, I have come up with four ways I have of experiencing the world around and within me. Being a very visual person, I refer to these ways as ‘looks’. The word ‘look’ is very powerful for me but you might find it more powerful to ‘listen’, ‘sense’, ‘experience’, etc. As you read the description of each of these different ways of ‘looking’, ask yourself if ‘look’ works for you and adapt accordingly.
So that was the start of it... 
Did some free writing in and around some of the issues I'm wrestling over regarding the Divine and my/the worlds views, relationship with religious 'institutions' etc... Originally I was thinking along 'look down you will only see the dirt, look up you see the rest of the universe' but my MUSE went another way. She threw a book at me, literally!!! I was heading to the kitchen to re-load the dishwasher and bumped into a pile of teetering sh-tuff (we have LOTS of those being in the midst of pre-move-packing) and knocked a book over. (Woman's Magic by Sue Bowes) Took the book with me to the bathroom and when I opened it up this quote jumped out at me:

"A relationship that deals with Truth,
Walks always the fine line between Chaos and Cosmos."
~Meher Baba~

Total AH HA! moment... 
It summed up most of what I'd written about in one simple sentence. 

Lady was pencil drawn then traced out in Sharpie PEN. 
Holding a metal ruler on the page, water color painted each side a different blue. 
Then used Gold and Silver Sharpie for the sun rays and stars. 
Colored her in with a mixture of Stampin' Up! markers and Sharpies.  
HAD to add those Black Feathers and Red Roses.
Then started finger painting the background with Gold and Silver paint.
Last step was retracing the Tightrope and adding the Red Thread helping to hold her up...

Free Journaling: Quote Prompt

This page was done for a weekly prompt in one of my Art-sy Groups: 

"You must either BE a work of Art or WEAR a work of Art" ~Oscar Wilde~

 Decided to be 'clever' with this one. ;O)
It's the Mona Lisa WEARING the Mona Lisa!
The 2nd (close up) picture has the details you can't quite see in the 1st (full page) photo...
Randomly brushed Gloss Gel Medium all over the big Mona Lisa to get it texturally looking/feeling more like a 'real' painting. 
Framed out in wood-grain pattern paper.
The necklace is quite thick; mounted on cereal box board then coated in a THICK layer of 3D Crystal Lacquer. This is what took so long today, whhhyyyyyyy... does this always take sooo long the dry?! *sigh* The rest of the page was ready hours ago, lol. 
Worn on a pretty Red Ribbon.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Angels In My Studio Video Lesson #4: Chris Zydel's Intuitive Painting Process

This process will help you to let go, to listen to the sounds of your intuition whispering -- or screaming -- to you to choose a certain color, or paint in a particular animal, to paint big or tiny. This practice will bring you out of your thinking mind and into a deep place of feeling your body and staying open to magic.
With practice, this process will open you to the ways the Divine speaks to you and through you.
This section involved making 2 paintings...
1. 5-10 minutes... messy, big brush, fingers... where ever it takes you.
2. 30-45 minutes... no plan! Just go with the flow. Don't stop or stand back, keep going. 
Then doing some journaling after each about the process and painting. 

Both pieces:

*8 of my favorite brushes
*lots of water
*paint ready to go
*paper (90 lbs, best I got)

Exercise #1:
5 minutes of MESS.
Slopped the paint on and smeared it, much of it with my fingertips... that was the easy part.
Made pretty dots with dots on top of the dots, then went back and smeared them out partially dried... that was the hard part.
...and I was surprised I did it, I *never* go back over specially painted bits deliberately. NEVER, My critic was having a real WTF?! moment when the dots went bye-bye. (tough!)
I felt very energized which was also unlike me after an Art-ing dry spell. Usually I'm slow and precise with the 1st project 'back'... like I have to prove something by making something extra-good.
  After stopping and looking at it I can see movement, lots & lots of movement and a Triskelion. 
Looked up the meaning online here:
Which very much jived with how/what I was feeling and a few issues I've been wrestling with lately. Interesting...

Exercise #2:
This one asked to be rotated around as I worked... 
When I stopped to rotate I clicked a quick picture.  (little bad?)
 The part of the painting with the most energy was all the drips I smeared in... they were paint in motion. The critic didn't like the messing up of the nice white portions. I was feeling super calm and fluidly relaxed while doing this painting... connected. Wasn't expecting anything to show-up, just enjoying the process and well... *she* had other ideas.

More paint slopping like the 1st exercise and fingers in there too... I kept dripping paint on the page then feeling a need to smear the drips in where they landed.
 Bit of dry-brushing... and heaps of Gold added. 
You can't see the shine but it got pretty guilded at this stage...
Drips and Dots and Dry Brush Stripes... 
and lots more Gold.  
The red got dripped everywhere... again, just streaked it in where it landed.
This is when my critic got grumpy. The bold white strip I kept feeling a need to re-do it, keep it clean... then here I grabbed a thin brush and added  lots of brown. It was soooo slobby after the pristine, clean white... another OMG... why? moment. 
LOTS of drips streaked in including the 2 big ones that partially dried on the big gold patch.
Started with the silver stars then more and more and more paint... kept grabbing a streak here, a streak there all different colors. LOTS of black... dipped a black paint covered brush in the clean water and then threw it at the paper. I'm wearing a fair bit to... my wrists are all polka-dotted! lol  
More dots and a blob of blue.
I added some more red to her lips, the green tear was a drip and traced out her eye.
You can really see the shine of all the gold at this angle, the whole painting glows with it. 

Cleaner photo, less shine: