Thursday, September 25, 2014

21 Day Painting Meditation Day 2: ORANGE

Today we move into orange, the color of the second chakra. 
The second chakra is all about pleasure, “What do you want?”
 It is also our creative center, the womb, where our “gut instincts” come from. 
As you paint today, you can choose to meditate on what orange means to you…
how does it make you feel…
how can you feel MORE of what you want to feel 
and let go of what you don’t want to feel. 
Maybe the warm orange burns away the feelings you no longer want.
 Or maybe it just makes you think of the beach! 
It’s all perfect.

LOTS of energy today, felt on fire (geee!) ...
-the need to be quick and almost violent with the brush and splatter!
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