Friday, September 26, 2014

21 Day Painting Meditation Day 3: YELLOW

"Today we move up into our 3rd chakra as we immerse ourselves in YELLOW. 
How does yellow make you feel? 
I have been VERY attracted to yellow lately. 
It is the color of our PERSONAL WILL. 
 It helps you move out into the world confidently, 
Or you just thought about bananas or yellow duckies. 
I started by painting the symbol of the 3rd chakra. 
I have been working for a couple of years now with sacred symbols. 
They have deep energy, deep knowing. 
Working with colors and symbols is another form of energy work. 
Try this painting meditation one day when you are feeling really anxious, worried, mad…
and check how you feel before and after. 
It is profound!"

 Today was very slow, played the music a couple of times through because my movements were long, languid... almost liquid... a sense of warmth pooling and swirling out.
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