Monday, February 15, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52 Challenge #9 Wooden Blank/Botanical/Wire

That time again...
Bad Girls Project 52 Challenge #9!
~Wooden Blank
(any shape/subject, found, repurposed, or purchased)
~Theme – Botanicals
(flowers, leaves, trees, tropical, forest, real/fantasy, or etc…)
~Required material – Wire
(metallic, old/new, covered, colored, thin/thick, or etc…)"
Recently my fiancee and I have re-discovered a fascination with this genre...
and it allows for a plentiful bounty of fun sh-tuff to create in, around and for it!
I started with my wood base, a clock face. It's already been 'harvested' of the hands and general mechanics for other projects.
Printed off a title & blurbs on both The Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect. Same sheet had the Delorean, Tardis and other 'time machines' on it.
Wanted this to be a Steampunk 'statement' on some of the 'dangers' of time travel. ;O)
Printed a vintage Butterfly sheet, wasn't sure which one I'd be using til the rest all came together. Gathered together some VCR Cogs and bits we'd already harvested, spray painted most of them. Raided all my crafty bins for lace, tattered ribbons (great use for stained and crumpled things!), jewelry bits, clock faces, dice, thread... stuff! This is one of those projects that makes me very happy that I save all sorts of lovely, junk-y, bits & pieces...
Just. for. times. like. THIS!!!
Then I set to work... heavy on the Glue Gun.
The written papers were ripped & crumpled and then soaked in brown, then yellow water 'tinted' with reinker. The pictures just in brown. The butterfly was carefully cut out, then coated in Crystal Effects and sprinkled with Art Glitter to get a 'resin' look.
I took a LOT of photos, because this is just such a full project.
Lots to see and read...
I'm deliriously happy with how well this turned out.
Now proudly displayed in our living room.
Some of the supplies, before:
Full Project:
Close Up at the Bottom:
Close Up at the Top:
Closer to the Center:
Closer to the Writing:
The Hanging Decorations:
More detail Shots:

The Butterfly:

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