Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reporting in! NavCan Weekend & Life...

er... um, ahh... hi! Remember me???
Long time no Blog so it seems.
Lots has gone on here since my trip away to Scrapbook October 15th-17th and I have been absent since then.
I have been terribly sick since I got back... one of the side effects of my medical condition is a very iffy immune system. I get into large groups and I'm pretty much guaranteed to catch something or several somethings. NavCan was FULL of teenage girls and their families (read tons & tons of kids... eeeeverywhere) I had a feeling. I was right. I don't know what all I brought home but sure wasn't just my finished layouts!
I'm on the mend now... slow & steady.
But on with the FUN sh-tuff:
LOTS to catch up on so this entry is kinda picture heavy.
Get a drink... get cozy... and enjoy!
This is the Sign we had on the door to our Scrapbook Room.
We are the Scrappin' Beavers (don't ask!).
One of the ladies had a graphic artist friend make up Lola... our new Beaver Mascot.
This is us!
A group of us go away on the 'teen' weekend in April and again in October. It's at the NavCan Conference center in Cornwall... about an hours drive out of Ottawa.
All in one price Room/Food. It's so nice... I get my OWN room, bathroom, all meals served cafeteria style, snacks, dishes whisked away on the magic conveyor belt, pool, hot tub... and scrappin' til the wee hours. AWESOME!
This round some of us had T-shirts made up with Lola on them and we picked our own phrases for the back... ya know what I picked??? lol
This is a shot we took to enclose in a Thank-You card for Lola's Designer.
There were 15 of us on this weekend so not everyone is here, just the T-Shirt Gals.
I was bad beaver... I snuck out on Saturday Night. *giggle*
I had double-booked by accident.
Greg drove all the way out to NavCan to get me... then all the way back to Ottawa so we could go to Blood, Sweat & Gear a murder mystery night put on by The Ottawa Steampunk group.
Then he drove me back to Cornwall and came back to Ottawa... now THAT is love.
This is me waiting for my gentleman caller... all steampunked out and still scrappin' away.
Just before we left NavCan to head into Ottawa.
Mr. James & Mrs. Agatha Savage...
Owner and his wife of Savage Scientific Supply run out of London.
Providers of magnets, Tesla coils, gears and other scientific this'n'that.
Pictured here at the event with *dun, dun, duuuuunnnn*
It was Professor McLeod,
with the Earth Magnet,
by the Weather Machine.
The prize I threw in for the person who stayed up the longest Saturday Night.
So they could make it through Sunday!
And Finally... I did work... Honest!!!
8 layouts completed. :O)
One: Friday Night
Boyz in Trees:
Lots of ink... brads and boyz!
Two: Friday Night
My Love:
The Little Things
-The way you smile that melts my heart
-That not only have you taken me on but also my 4 boyz
-You waited for me for many, many years
-You truly Love Me
Greg Cooper
Loving & Devoted Husband...
Father & Friend... but silly!
If Found Please Promptly Return to:
Mrs. Sarah Cooper
Three: Friday Night
DT {me} really?
When Shazza at ARTastic asked me to join I was surprised and flattered.
It took COURAGE but I did it & I love it.
I enjoy being able to INSPIRE and yet still have FUN and since I've stepped out I've been invited to Guest DT and DT many more times.
Four: Saturday
Fun Times
September 16th 2010
Birthday Boy and his Cake!
Happy 8th Birthday William.
Five: Saturday
What I Like about YOU
1. Funny
2. Smile
3. Hugs
4. Zest for Life
5. Ability to Love anything
Six: Saturday
Sooo... Not Impressed!
I LOVE this picture of Brandy.
Seven: Sunday
Handsome, Cool, Rockstar William
Mr. Cool...
Chillin' at the Park.
Eight: Sunday
{enjoy} ...this crazy life.
Today's Weather: sun!
Beautiful Summer Day in 2010
out front of the house
Fresh box of Chalk... creativity will flow from little boy minds.

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