Friday, October 29, 2010


A little bit of seasonal fun today...
Started yesterday actually. We um... borrowed the kids back early from school. :O)
Family Afternoon! Had to go pick a pumpkin... Greg is working solid through the weekend so this was the only chance to do any 'family sh-tuff' for Halloween.
Went a few blocks away to a local Farm. One of the things I really love about living kinda on the edge of the ever expanding city, we're still quite close to several local farms.
The pickings were slimmer than we had hoped, but from what we heard when we went apple picking this spring/summer has not been kind to the local farmers.
Still a lot though!
We wanted BIG & UGLY... 'cause we had a very good idea of what was planned for this years SteamPunk-in. The Ottawa Steampunk Group is having a pumpkin carving contest and we wanted to enter ours.
After almost 1/2 hour of argument, debate, options...
These are the 2 beauts, er ah... uglies we decided to bring home to kill, er... carve. THIS little PEST was being restrained...
Because all she saw was a bounteous orange buffet!
No Hope, Baaaaaad Bunny.
You can have the SteamPunk-ins Sunday night.After much dithering, collaboration, slicing, dicing, poking and prodding...
Meet Professor X... & his Creature!
In the Lab... let. there. be. liiiiiiiiiife!!!
All Lit Up!Professor X...
Look at that Evil Grin...
Professor X's Creature!
Very glad I tear all the old appliances apart for any interesting bits'n'pieces. Mono adhesive gears, VCR's, Photocopier, Nikon Camera *sob* bits all in there.
Popped the pictures on the Ottawa SteamPunk Group page...
Wish us Luck!
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