Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving...

Though we are waiting to do our *official* Turkey Day tomorrow I wanted to post my list today.
...and since it's 10-10-10 I'm going to keep my list to 10!

Things I am Thankful for:

1. That I feel my children are 'safe'.
I am thankful we made it through the court case and with another years added to the restraining order for my EX it *should* continue to be quiet.

2. Greg and I are married!!!
After an added year delay and several um... moments when it looked like it wouldn't happen ($ mostly) We Did It! I couldn't be happier being Mrs. Cooper. :O)

3. Progress with William.
The Section 23 class was a blessing... though it's unfortunate it can't continue we are so happy with the progress he did make while attending. 6 North was not what we had hoped but it IS another stepping stone... for that I'm grateful.

4. Personal Progress.
I started last year unsure of myself and unprepared to step out of my shell. I've pushed myself creatively this year... taken up challenges, joined groups and tried many, many new things.
I'm now on 2 design teams, I've guest DT'd a total of 6 times and had pages published...
I'm still like, WOW.
Very, Very thankful.

5. Health has stayed regulated.
I know the condition I have will mean I will (almost certainly) need kidney replacement before I hit 60... I'm in no rush and most thankfully neither was my body this year.

6. Continuation of Kinship.
I love our little living-room group...
I know the nature of these groups is to develop, evolve and eventually disband or just change. Ours is such a sweet group... I'm so Thankful for another year.
God's Blessing on each and every member.

7. Internet.
I live a fairly solitary life... though much is teeming around me with the kids and Greg...
I have few friends and I don't get out much.
I am thankful for FaceBook, Twitter and the Scrapbooking groups and sites I utilize.
I am thankful for all the varied and yet WONDERFUL people I meet online.

8. Thankful for the return of my eyesight.
After several months of blurred vision after the damage I inflicted in May to my eye, I am so so so so so very happy to have seen the specialist gotten the OK and a new prescription that has cured all but the last few remaining floater.
Eyes are so precious and I am thankful for mine.

9. My Family.
Both mine and now Greg's. I now have another brother and a sister!
A grandmother... another set of parents and a host of other relatives.
I am thankful that we have all survived another year with no one lost.
Thank-You for Family!

10. Greg.
Last but most certainly not least, my Geg. :O)
He puts up with my health issues, my kids and anything else I throw at him... yet he's still here.
I love my Geg... and I'm thankful for each minute he's in my life.

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