Saturday, October 9, 2010

Still breathing...

I have been very unproductive...
We are still digging out from under Wedding Mountain.
I finally found our dining room table again just yesterday...
gotta have it back for Thanksgiving Dinner here Monday.
We now have 2 of the 3 couches back.
One is still covered in sh-tuff I need to post up on FreeCycle or FullCircles. Tableclothes, Candle Holders, Glassware from the Candy Buffet and a few other bits'n'pieces...
I really can NOT wait to have the main floor back.
Good News though: I'm leaving!!!!
Friday I'm leaving for a 3 day Scrapbooking Trip to NavCan, the conference center I got to twice a year with 'da girls' for 3 days of scrapping, shopping, cafeteria style meals, no cleanup and my OWN room.
yeeeeee haw!
So there may not be much more coming out of me creative wise for the week ahead but I promise some visual goodies upon my return... refreshed and raring to go.

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