Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 8: Multi-Journal (February 16th - 22nd)

Week 8... The sicks continue.
1st day up and sort-a out this week was Friday.
Then *wham* Into what we could manage for berf-day celebrations for the eldest.
17... I have a 17 year old. 

Prompts covered: 
Going Undercover from The Documented Life Project
Procrastination from Paint and Chronicle
Aromatherapy from Journal 52

Bits used:
-Scrapbook paper snips
-Journal cards
-Backing package off some MARVEL Magnets
-Scented stationary
-Letter seal sticker
-Organizer stickers (from Moleskin) 

Much of this week was spent in bed, again... not a favorite of mine this annoying non-productive thing. pffft! The house is visibly in as much a shambles as I feel. 
Rough week. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 7: Multi-Journal (February 9 - 15th)

Well... Week 7 was farrrrr from stellar over-all.
I had and still have the sicks...

The Flu bug that's been working it's way through Ottawa got it's foot-claws-little-pointy-teeth in the door here at Days End. The adults have been and are -all- still sick, the kids are starting to fall one by one. Got 2 of them home today with fevers. I'm the only one that couldn't get a flu shot this year and it shows... 
Road Kill is a very nice way of describing how I feel... OK maybe re-heated Road Kill, but you get the idea. Happy Fluffy Journaling noooooot on the up and up this past week.
***ie: Language Warning***
You better Fuckin' believe it! 

Items used this round:
-Leftover paper scraps
-CHEO appointment card
-IKEA flyer bit
-Paint rub-off scrap
-Grocery list with a note from Greg on it
-Movie Stub
-Theater Ticket Stub
-Top off Valentine's Candy box
Part of a 12 X 12 scrapbook paper
-Washi Tape
-Journal Cards

Met the following prompts:
 -Valentines! from Journal 52
-Layers You Will Love / Don't Stop til you get Enough! from The Documented Life Project
-Stillness-Solitude-Peace from Paint and Chronicle. 

Lots of little spurt journaling as I was feeling up to it. Few flippy bits, LOTS of stickers... Not my thing usually, but needed the quick pretties this week. 
The week started off well, lots of plans and things to look forward to buuuuut... Best laid plans of Mice and Mum are no competition against knock you on your bloody'arse super-bugs. blarrrrggg...
It is done, the week and the writing.
Pleased with 'enough' this round. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Super Soul Flow ~ Meditation Canvas -FREEDOM ~

Posted all the course sh-tuff underneath my work...
#SuperSoulFlow is a Project I'm involved with. 
Helping co-author a book over 2015.

So one of the things we're doing is to have an on-going Meditation Canvas. 
A place to just PLAY and GO WITH THE FLOW on set topics... 
This round it's FREEDOM
So space cleared, candle lit, incense going, paint, water, brushes amd music ready I sunk in this morning. 
Used my own music instead of the suggested tracks... 
MY Soundtrack:
-Rout of Moy
-Scotland is her Name
-Unleash the Albannach


Decided to use a canvas that has been sitting around, driving me crazy... started a project on it then it got torn. White washed and patched it can now be put to goods use. 
There is a certain FREEDOM in that!


Ready to start: 

In Progress... 

DONE + Journal:

DONE and on the wall in the Studio Area:

SSF quotes_200_2
When we come into alignment with that which makes our heART sing, that which makes us vibrate with joy, that which we want to shout from the rooftops and share with everyone we know, that is when we experience SUPER SOUL FLOW.
In the Super Soul Flow: The Project 2015, Whitney Freya is going to guide you into the space where you can FEEL this energy of Super Soul Flow. Once you FEEL it, you can continue to create and expand this energy into more and more of your life.
We have experienced smallness, hesitation, self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear. We have experienced this in perfect timing so that NOW we can KNOW that we can also choose bigness, boldness, confidence, optimism and joy!
Does it sound too big? Too dreamy?
Let Whitney Freya bring it back down for you, back down into a manageable, learnable, arena. Whitney Freya is about to take you up to and, then, BEYOND the canvas into the art that is your life!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 6: Multi-Journal (February 2 - 8th)

Some of my journaling is hidden under a flap it was not pretty stuff, which kinda rolled into the rest fo my week. Felt like an entire week of the dreaded Thursdays.
Still plugged along nad got 2 ART pieces done (a donation and a gift) so...
 Ra-Ra, Toot-Toot, Huzzah! 

...aaand this was the week to work on SELF LOVE in Paint & Chronicle. 
I admit I left it til the end but did get it done. 
Didn't really cover any of the other prompts, will try to work them in next week. 

Bits and Pieces used this week:
-ATC backs
-Service Ontario evelope
-Snip of one of our wedding thank-you cards (hidden journaling)
-Thrift Store receipt
-dead SMASH tape (crap-y roll!)
-PizzaPizza receipt
-Starbucks cup wrap
-Wasji Tape (flag)
-Old test sheet from a home-cut stencil (keyhole)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 5: Multi-Journal (January 26th - February 1st)

All caught up again...
Week 5

Snippets used:
-Backing off ART collage paper pack
-Drip Sheet snips
-Paper scraps
-DS Plumbing Notepad Paper
-Print off of event poster

HoneLife had no prompt posted this week (???)
Used the Documented Life Project Under Paper prompt a few times... *grin* Got LOTS of those. 
Wrote on Service for Paint & Chronicle.
Covered the #MondayMugshots by adding my Monday Meme. 
Then... I used the Television prompt from Journal 52 to make a new as-the-year-progresses page. Had already planned to add a Book list, adding a TV one to was just -too- perfect. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 4: Multi-Journal (January 19 - 25th)

Week 4. Posting late... yeah-yeah... 
My blog -I- post when I wanna...

I've been busy and tired, busy then tired... an unending cycle the past few weeks. 
Week 5 is done too, I'll post separately... later. *grin*

Another great week for using snips that were lying around:
-Starbucks cup wraps
-Shopping Receipts
-Paper leftovers
-Overspray sheets
-Washi Tape
-Greeting card bits

Got my #MondayMugshots in for the past 2 weeks
-->  Check that out HERE!
So that got the A Steamy Shower in a Frosty Bathroom prompt from #MondayMugshots in.
Used the Silhouettes prompt from Journal 52, rub-ons over an over spray sheet scrap. 
Journaled on SHINE for Paint and Chronicle.
Playing with the Script (Writing) and still using the COLOR prompt from last week for The Documented Life Project.
I did cover the FREEDOM HoneLife prompt, but in another journal in it was pretty private sh-tuff regarding the abuses from Marriage #1. No share-y.