Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving Long-Weekend...

This weekend, despite the fact that Greg's quite sick and I started a new medication regime with some truly unpleasant side effects, we pushed through...
Taking everything at a slow, leisurely pace and had a great weekend...
On *our* time.

6 people, 5 cameras and 3 days...
My poor hard drive is stuffed to the max full of wonderful new images.
Collected only a teeny sampling of the almost 1600 pictures we all took into a Picasa Album attached below.

If you have not experience the magic of the Lime Kiln Nature Path in West-ish Ottawa:

...and a heavy dose of patience and childlike wonder.
Place seeds in the palm of your hand, raise your hand to the heavens and wait...
Soon you will feel the teeny little prickling of chickadee feeties on your fingers as they come to eat right out of your hand.
The boyz were totally enchanted, begging to go back 2 days in a row.
We also wandered up as far at the ruins of the old Kiln and Powder Storage. The boys spent hours climbing on the old walls and posing for pictures...
We logged over 10 hours there in 2 days. Easy.
The boys found many snakes, chipmunks, red squirrels and bugs of all kinds.
The also spent a lot of time, as you can see from the pictures below, looking for fairies.

Monday was our annual 'last-day-they're-open' trip to Mountain Orchard.
Came home with 8L of Apple Cider and 40lbs of Apples.
This week will be all about Canning Apple Chutney and Apple Butter. yum.

Pictures are here:
Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 (Oct 8-10)

Not going to be doing to much 'artsy' this week.
Plans to take it easy, implement some decisions,
and make some important changes regarding
everyone's health.
Stay Well.


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