Friday, October 7, 2011

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: Artful Amblings Sept. 30th

Artful Amblings Sept. 30th

THE PROMPT: Eye opener
THE SONG: Why are we sleeping - Soft Machine/Kevin Ayers
Written Lyrics HERE
PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: Eyes (photo's, stamps, drawing... whatever)
I made this page in my 8 1/2" X 11" hardbound book.
It's a high pain day here so not a lot of fidgety art going on, decided to play with my camera instead. Took a picture of me, then a picture of that picture on the laptop screen, messed with it a bit and voila: starting point.

Markers are Sharpies.
Ink is from Stampin' Up!

It begins with a blessing And it ends with a curse; Making life easy, By making it worse... *Social Media* Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Live Journal, Chats... Is it making it easier to stay connected? or getting so complicated we can't connect at all? All those EYES watching, reading... Do we really KNOW people anymore?
*tap* *tap* *tap*
*click* *click* *click*
Are You the person in Your computer? Am I?
The entire WORLD >>in here<< only a tap or a click away.

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