Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 125

It's Wednesday... AND it's Christmas!!!
Christmas in October!
Won't be at my desk long, only enough to dig out some tape and make a gift tag. :O)
Will explain farther on...
Before starting to prattle:
Remember to go check out all the other hubs of creativity this week at:
Hosted by Stamping Ground:

My 'clearer than usual' Space:
Top Left is the Hubcap for the Project and some sh-tuff gathered this weekend to use on it. Idea is fully in my head now... just need to get it all out, together and mailed off.
Need to do this SOON so that the photographs can get taken for the book.
Seriously hope everyone takes the time to pop on over to:
Read about this great Global Artists Project, biggest one ever!
Troll the Gallery... there are some aweeeeesome Artists involved.
So Proud to be part of this Project!
*getting off soapbox... crrrrrreak*

Nothing else was in the 'making' this week. Our internet was off for almost a week, so time was spent cleaning, clearing and enjoying life un-plugged.
The rest of the mess is just mess... ;O)
Cameras recently unloaded, glue gun from fixing a chair we found this weekend, dowsing pendant, some keys I have to put away and just... sh-tuff...
oh! and COFFEE, of course.

Around my desk (can't see) are a few boxes/bags of things we found this weekend during the City of Ottawa Treasure Hunt weekend: You put out any stuff you don't want at the curb with a FREE sign... and if your looking you go out hunting! Great Fun.
Got some frames, tins, bits and pieces, ribbon, yarn and my favorite find was specialty Rubbing Papers and Crayons (for gravestones etc...).

Also got LOTS of canning jars, which are already filled for the most part.
Been a busy canning week:
Last of the Apple Chutney done and more Marmalade (in smaller jars for gifts).

Marmalade Madness:

Today we're celebrating:
Christmas in October
A Goofy Holiday Tradition/Celebration with my Aunt & Uncle who are heading off to spend the colder months in Mexico, lucky ducks! Apparently where they stay Christmas is a non-thing.
We drag out all the super tacky-glitzy-fluffy-musical-ishy Christmas Decor, Fibre Optic Tree, Decorate Cupcakes and exchange our Gifts.
Every year we come up with some kind of Fun(ny) Gift for Anne & Dave ,
I'm real proud of this year's find!
Red-Nek Wine Glasses!!!
It was the 1st time I'd ever seen these, they are a HOOT!
500ml Bell Canning Jars on wine stems; canning rings and sealers to boot.


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