Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 124

All that space I had cleared last week is but a memory now...
The crafty chaos has crept back in.... bit, by bit.
Took a picture as soon as we got up this morning.
There's a lot of 'progression' sh-tuff on my table today:

Working away on my piece for the Global Artist's project (psstt... check it out! 1041 Artists from around the world!):
*Got the hubcap: Beaut too... nice and chrome-y! :O)
*Got some ideas... just gotta see where my Muse takes me in the next few days.
Pulled a collection of rusty, copper-y, brass things together to see if anything jumped out and said 'pick me!' we'll see what happens today.

Also printed off some of the Amelia digi-stamps for the 2nd round of the Sassy Studio Design: Sassy Steampunk Progressive Challenge. I'll be starting that ASAP (after coffee, of course) since I have 12 hours left to get step #2 in.
Most of my Steampunk stamps are above that... again: see and be inspired, I hope! :O)

The rest of my 'workspace' is in the kitchen, LOTS more canning to do:
*Last batch of Apple Chutney (unless I find a deal on more apples)
*More 4 fruit marmalade
Gettin' those Christmas Gifts done now so I can relax *fingers crossed* closer to the holidays. (nuh-huh...)

The Mess-Fest:
1st 16 1/2 L of Apple Chutney... made Friday:
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