Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 122

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 122
Make sure to pop on over to Stamping Ground to see what everyone else is up to: HERE

Not very much in the way of 'making' stuff this week.
When I snapped the picture I had all sorts of hair stuff on the desk... it's Crazy Hair day at the lil'boyz school so I set up a hair makeover station:

*Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists (blue bin)
*Loads of Glitter
Don't get to create on these 'canvases' very often... lol. Usually I'm busy cleaning THEIR creations off of them. Heading out the door with sunglasses on they looked like Rock-Stars. It's also Thomas's 7th Birthday!!! Turnip is growing too fast.

The Buttons are from the Ottawa Browncoats Charity Serenity Screening we went to Sunday. William won 'Best Male Costume' for his rendition of Wash.
I tossed a family picture on down at the bottom of the post. :O)

Beside that a few lil' projects I have on the go... 3 cards for different challenges and my (late *blushing*) October DT page for Scrap Our Stash.
The Planet You Art journal, flyer for the OCTranspo Bus Rodeo in a few weeks and the usual mess of regular supplies.

Picture down near the bottom of the post is my Big-box-o-Etsy: Things I've been making & making & making but have yet to post. The box is getting too full so it's time for me to start writing drafts. (ugh) I do so dislike the 'not making' part. lol
and COFFEE!!!
of course.

The Mess:

Mini Rock-Stars!!!

Robert in Green, Thomas in Purple, William in Red!

Verk, verk, verk...The Cosplay Coopers in Firefly-ish Garb:
Greg: Interplanetary Press
Sarah: General Sky-Riding Riff Raff
Arthur: Jayne unbearded!
Robert: Simon
William: Wash
Thomas: Firefly (grumpy) Mechanic
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