Tuesday, November 1, 2011

...and the dust settles...

Decided to post 11 pictures for the 1st day of the 11th month.
What's been a-doing around here as of late... mix-and-match of sh-tuff.
Some Art-sy, Some not so much...

It's 'that time of the year', SAD kickin' in and my other conditions have been popping in their votes so...
decided to spend my temporarily waning energies focusing on family.
Very little in the way of 'art' going on the past 2 week beyond the 'necessary'. Missed the 4th piece of the Sassy Steampunk Progressive Challenge (boo) because, honestly, I'm not up to it.
No other challenges either.
I've cleared the decks:
Tomorrow... I will be doing my Project.
There, said it, it's out there now I have to make good on it! ;O)
Laid all the natural elements out to dry and they are ready, glues have been acquired, ancient technology gathered:

On with the pictures...

Robert's 'Murder Kit'.
He decided to be Detective William Murdoch of the Murdoch Mysteries for Halloween.
It's an old Audio Cassette case, cleared out with a corrugated cardboard false bottom in it. The Bottles are actually Gem & Mineral samples I use for my Steampunk Doctor's kit... plus a few other odds and sods that just 'worked'.
This was a real treat to work on!
The Badge was from the $ store, added the City & Station House #, finished with a coat of 3D Crystal Lacquer.
William's Phantom of the Opera mask.
Started as a super thin plastic 'paint it yourself' $ store mask. Cut to fit his face, shaded with ink then coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer for a more 'porcelain' look.
ahh... Yes, Christmas in October!
It was a wonderful time with my Aunt & Uncle.
This was the 'traditional' dessert:
DIY (Decorate-it-Yourself) Cupcake Buffet!
No Christmas in October is complete without:
A Fiber Optic Mini-Tree and tacky ornaments!

Dave & Anne loved the Rednek Wine Glasses.
The Boys were drowned in LEGO. lol
Halloween Night...
Arthur, dressed as the 4th Doctor Who: Tom Baker, met his match... a Dalek!!!
We ran across this group a few time while out trick or treating so it was an evening long running gag.
I think the Dalek costume was great!!! Very 'vintage' Dr.Who.
Da Boyz...
We went to the Halloween Fun Day at the Billings Estate, lots of crafts, treasure hunting and exploring. Great photo ops in the Main House/Museum... and a trek through the family graveyard. whooooooo....
Arthur: The 4th Doctor, Tom Baker.
He's got the height and boy does he ever have the hair!
Scarf crocheted by my Mom.
Robert: Detective William Murdoch.
He was poi-fect... my little over-actor. lol
William: The Phantom of the Opera.
He got sooooooo many compliments.
Everyone loves a tragic hero... lil'heartbreaker.
Thomas: Jedi Knight.
Getting him to do pictures was a bit of a... trial,
He smiles when he should be serious and is serious when it's smiling time. lol
Made a Parshell to hang above our front door.
Sticks are from our Lilac out front and along the Lime Kiln trail. Corn Husks from our Apple Picking trip to Mountain Orchard, bits and pieces gathered from the ground in the corn maze.
We've resolved to incorporate more Celtic Traditions into our Day-to-Day.
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