Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 126: Today's the Day!!!

Workdesk has been cleared, cleaned and refilled...
Today is the day I'm making my piece for: Artist Reclamation Project
You can read about it:
Don't forget to pop on over to Stamping Ground!
Check out all the other creative spaces:

Much thought and gathering has gone into this piece already...
We, as a family, have taken several hikes to gather the Natural elements, which were then left out to fully air-dry. Care was taken to collect things that were dead or damaged enough they would be dead soon. Like the fungus off of a piece of bark other hikers knocked off when they went through. etc...
The Technology elements have been collected over years, some 2 weeks ago on the Treasure Hunt Weekend... a few have been graciously donated by friends/neighbors more recently. Everyone has been so helpful!

Here's the Tour:

The Main Space:
Lots of sh-tuff... lots & lots... more then I'll need,
We'll see what my Muse leads me to use today.

My 'Canvas' Hubcap:
Prepped and ready to go!

Sticky Stuff:
I hauled the arsenal out since I'll be using many different textures/mediums.
Best to (try to) be prepared!
Cording will be going around the Hubcap.

Basket of Stuff:
A mixture of Nature Vrs Technology...
Hoping laying some out like this will visually 'jog' my Muse.

Bin of Bark... and Stuff:
Some of the bigger pieces, didn't want taking up to too much space.

Still the Bark Bin...
and HERO who I'm sure will be 'helping' today by getting underfoot.

Technology Bin:
This is off to my left, not on the desk. Too big and heavy...
Goodies Inside. ;O)

The Basket again... several pictures:
I've taken a ton of pictures so I'll have a good record of this project.
Once it's sent it off in the mail it won't be coming back. :O)

Wee Basket:
Just behind the Big One.
Off to Create!
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