Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday # 130

Stop in and check everyone else out at Stamping Ground WOYWW... maybe add your own!

My desk: Messy... the usual. lol
Today is the last day of NaNoJouMo 2011, so I got up a little early to work on that.
My finished page is open.
Need to clear the decks,erm, desk... to make way for December Daily 2011,
which I'm reeeeally looking forward to starting tomorrow.

The rest of the mess, Clockwise starting on the left of my book:
Template I cut out for the NaNoJouMo page...
Dissection Kit and Microscope I'm still figuring what I want to do with in regards to my character Dr.Cooper's medical kit... they need a bit of Steampunk'in! ;O)
My poor lil' Polka Dot plant that keeps trying it's best-est to survive the avalanche of sh-tuff on my desk. Think that fighter plant needs a Mech to fight back with!
Above that... an avalanche waiting to happen. All the paper and sh-tuff from hurriedly assembling pages this past week. That will be gone within the hour! promise.
Topped by the dreaded 'list' book and my Tree Magik cards.
COFFEE!!! of course...
....aaaand the usual pens, blades and sticky stuff of creation.
And my very last dose of Tylenol Sinus. It's been a squishy face week so far and this cold should know it can feel *more* than free to bugger off at any point. please!
well, that's my Mess this week.

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