Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNoJouMo Day 6: Where Am I?

On to Day 6 of NaNoJouMo...
Day late on this one (sowy) finished yesterday,
left aside to dry,
then I had a *day* with da boyz...
One would think it was a Thursday the way they were! ;O)
So off to the park to get the wiggles, giggles and less-fun-sh-tuff out of their systems.
Long story short, never got back to the Studio. Dropped in front of the PVR instead.

8 1/2" X 11" album
Yellow painted background, strip of (Tim Holtz) pattern paper laid over top.
Then Brown painted over top, picture strips added...
Then more pattern paper strips added for journaling.

Day 6: Where Am I?
"Young and oh so naive, following false beliefs and thinking it would all
work out according the 'The Plan'. Welcome to Plan B... C... D etc...
Everyday I meet a new person in the mirror, everyday I'm MORE than the day before.
So you ask "Where Am I?" I'm right here in front of you... as I am now, not then. "

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