Friday, November 18, 2011

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: Musical Musings Nov 15th


THE SONG: Fuckin' Perfect by Pink

PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: Pink Paint Dripped like Blood

Remember, take all or parts of the prompt, and MAKE THEM YOURS!!
You don't have to use the swear words, or you can use them all you want.
That's what makes this prompt into YOUR art!
Can't wait to see what you create...

It has been a high pain week so my muse is muddled by meds.
Add Stomach Flu that apparently sent a viral all welcome 'twitter' PARTY style invite out, now all the other badies have come to par-taeeee in my body. ugh.
Despite my many 911-style (medication) calls the bug busting 'health-police' have yet to arrive... so the party continues.

It's also a solo-parent PD day here so just trying to keep the boyz occupied and calm-ishy. We're all working on Art Journals. Even have Robert doing *MY* NaNoJouMo homework! (sneaky mom)

Not sure if I 'like' this page... I know I don't *love* it.
Good thing I'm soooo un OCD when it comes to art, I let my muse lead...
and right now she's pretty doped.

LOL mayhaps why I grabbed the Pepto-Bismol Pink Paint?
Like it or Lump it: This is where I am right now, so this is what I made.

Font-ized part of the lyrics (easy no-draw-less-pain option),
then pasted it into my book.
Dripped the Pepto-Paint and smear it around a bit.
Last was adding some zentagle-ish doodling.

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