Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: Musical Musings Oct 15th

Musical Musings Oct 15th
The PROMPT: Scars
THE SONG: Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
PRODUCT/TECHNIQUE: rips and tearing


Yeah, Yeah... Yeah... I'm *that* behind.
tooooooooooo bad! lol Better late than never. ;O)

Started with a blue paint wash to match my shawl in the picture.
The selected lyrics were printed overtop of a picture taken of me at the Mackenzie King Estate quite soon after my separation. I printed them twice... so they are slightly off and shaky (the way I felt for a long...long time). Henpecked, selecting a mix of lyric lines that spoke to me most.
Then I ripped them into strips and glued them over the paint.
Finally adding the Journaling:
almost 11 years of marriage was enough... add threatening my life, Greg's life, my parents and everyone that attended our Home-Church... putting your own children in danger...
uh-uh... We-are-DONE! You've had 2nd... 3rd... 4th chances and they are gone and done.
So are we. Move on.
We all have.

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