Friday, November 4, 2011

Macabre Monday at Haunted Design House: HDH113 - Heinously Haunted Houses

HDH113 - Heinously Haunted Houses

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that features a haunted house as the focus.
This IS Haunted Design House after all :)
The more decrepit, deteriorating or disturbing... the better!

Last one *sniff sniff* for the year *sob*...
Makes me sad *pout*
But ya' know that everyone will come back all refreshed and revived,
or re-animated, as the case were... in the New Year.
Thank-You Ladies for a Fab-u 2011!!!

Stash Dive!!!
Had this house for awhile, getting dusty... so it had a head start. lol
Paint-washed the outside in shimmery purple, the top in green mixed with black. Then each compartment was paint-washed a different color.
Then... the residents moved in!

Full Frontal... oh my!
From the Top:

Mr.Bones... he's a romantic...

My favorite bit was making the cute-sy Green Bird... Morbid Black.
Popped his eyes off then washed him in Slate Glimmer Mist.
He's all simmery and dark now...

Nested in all cozy...

The Happy Vampire... he's got some good, er... scary neighbors you know.
Perfect Neighbourhood Watch group while he sleeps the days away...
His coffin was the packaging for my son's vamp-y teeth.

'nuff said...

I LOVE how this section turned out...
Bit of mossy bark leftover from the project, trimmed to fit in, then covered in cobwebs. I have a heap leftover from Halloween Decorating.
...and resident spider *shudder* of course!

awwweee... come on!
You KNEW I would slip something a wee Steampunk in...
Kraken in the Bathtub! Watch-Out!

More angles and sh-tuff...

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