Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beastie Time! ...and news... and books...

Reporting in!
There's been no time to post any NaNoJouMo pages (they are done!) OR post about the FAB-uuuuuuu-lous workshop Arthur and I attended Saturday.
Been busy repairing some of the 'house scars'...
(Destructive 75 lb puppy, 2 children with behavioral issues, left overs from EX pre-move-out, 'nuff said...)
Plaster, Paints and Peel-n-Stick Tiles, oh my!
My project is now in the Online Gallery at:
Page 10... marked *new* I'm the 3rd Cooper.
Check it out!
I can relax now, knowing for sure it arrived safe & sound. :O)

On with the FUN sh-tuff:
I snarfed this Picture Matt Ficner put together after the class:
It was such a great day!
We got to just 'play'...
While learning some tips'n'tricks to creature making along the way.
Matt is a wonderful teacher.
You *need* to check him out:
(psttt... go now, I can wait here til you get back, promise.)

He is quite the talented... everything.

Great Day:
Old-er (not old!) and New Friends, Surrounded by all manner and makings of Matt's work, Creative Juices flowing, great Workshop 'Soundtrack' and some *bonus* Puppy-Time. His 2 pooches joined us in the Studio. It was really nice having furry Muses about.
We were such keeners the critters were together an hour before the time was up... Matt was gracious enough to take us over to his house for a gander at many, many more of his fantastic creations. Arthur is still talking non-stop about this, or that... 3 days later. I think we both agree the class was a great Christmas Gift.

My hands were shaky that day so unfortunately many of the pictures I took were 'fluffy'... here are some of the better-ish ones.

Arthur working on his Beastie:
Me... Head and Hands done...
Naked Trolls! Ready for the oven.
Arthur painting his beastie....
Matt da'man furr-i-fy-ing my beastie....
My Beastie BH (Before Hat)...
Arthur's Beastie BH...
Class Photo!
Katharine & Sarah's....
Kinnexa, Arthur and Gailene's...
Kinnexa's Gary...

Bonus Pictures... lol.
Reno's if ya care.

This is the kind of damage I'm talking about:
Our 75 lb Doat (part DOG part GOAT)
named Hero ATE... yes I said ATE a portion of the tiles (3 layers down!) in the bathroom.
No sign of the 'scraps' were eeeever found.
Good thing he is reeeeally cute. *le sigh*
This is with the filler drying.

I did the tiles at an angle, for better gripping. Plans to strip it down to base in a year or so
... just not yet. ($$) I like-y.
It's now the 'Reading Room', book themed decor and 2 shelf so far,
full of fun stuff to read.

New Light Cover... see Books!
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