Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BOD (Book er... Box of Days) 2013... The Making!

WELCOME 2013!!!!

First order of craft-y-ness for 2013 was getting my daily 'journal' set-up.
The past month my Studio has looked much like Santa's Workshop: Filled with bits and bobs of Holiday sh-tuff for Gifts and Wrapping... leaving very little space or time to DO and ART. Last few days was spent clearing the decks and banishing the Holiday sh-tuff back from whence it came *shooo shooo* then re-setting up my little Art Area. 
So the journal ended up becoming the second order of craft-y-ness. lol 

I am super-duper pleased to be taking part in Book of Days again, which is now housed over at Wild Soul Arts: (pssttt... GO JOIN!!!)
Today I decorating my 2013 BOD (Book of Days)... which is not a Book but a BOX. 
I'm special. :)

Nearing the end of last year I found myself sharing less and less of my Art Journals... There were some important changes around here I'm either not ready to share yet or are part of a story that is not mine to tell the world. Though I was still art journaling daily, I found it hard to find a way to share the ART part and not ALL the writing. 
Soooo... I pondered good and hard on how to keep sharing the ART.

My final idea was to journal using Index cards and Re-decorate a 2nd hand file-o-dex box to use for storing the Art Journal. The Box I had it was fuggggly, but also only cost me 25 cents! 
I'm going to ART on 3" X 5" Index Cards (got the blank on both side ones) and then journal on the back. That way the ART can always be shared and only the journaling *if* I can/wish too.
Voila! Problem Solved. 
Plus with the Move happening sometime (soon I hope!) in 2013 it'll be super easy, compact and portable enough to not pack-up but keep with me during the transition.
I'd been storing some herbs and incense in the box... it smells WONDERFUL every time it's opening. Blog needs Sniff-o-Vision! I hope it keeps the scent through the year, though once it start filling with various Art Supplies on paper I suspect the scent may fade. A 'sachet' of some sort may be in order at a later date. ;) 

I re-papered over the 70's Mac-Tac job *shuddering* with a mixture of patterned papers (browns and neutrals) which was actually really great for using the Gel Medium on... it was textured already so it had 'grip'. Buh-Bye! Then I applied layer, upon layer of vellum, tissue and mulberry papers. Then I did the cover with a mixture of papers, stickers and die-cut images. 
Once the outside was done I did the inside with a mixture of patterned and mulberry paper all in deep reds. I wanted the feeling of the inside being a 'heart' or 'guts'... My innermost thoughts and ideas will be housed in here over the next 365 days... 

I also included a printed image of the larger pencil drawing I did for my Word of the Year.
The article about doing this is here:
  My 2013 Word of the Year is: DIVINE
This year will be about searching out, reconnecting with and figuring out for ME what *is* (the) DIVINE. Working with it-he-she-them... and growing spiritually

Really happy this worked out so well.
There are 365 (plus some extra) lil'white 3" X 5" canvass waiting to be filled with this years 
BOD- Book (BOX) of Days ART. 

HAPPY 2013!!!!


Pre-re-do FUGGLY:
Can you HEAR the disco music?

-12 Index Dividers
-LOTS of Index Cards

Index Cards set up by month. 
Printed the labels, cut them out and slipped them in:


Bright Shiny New Cover/Top:
Had to make sure there was a Sunflower, a Dragonfly and a Bunny on there
...and some WISE WORDS for the year ahead. 

All pretty... 
Forgot the stop between re-papering, 
then tissue paper and mulberry paper-ing,
then adding the other embellishments for photos... 


Word of the Year:

Inside Empty:

Inside FULL:

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