Friday, January 18, 2013

Painting the Goddess Within: Making a Goddess step-by-step

After following Jenn Kluska's Goddess Self Blessing meditation lesson in 'Painting the Goddess Within' yet another Goddess came out on the page. 
Done in Watercolor Pencils.
Tried to remember to take picture step-by-step: ended up with 13 in all.

Finished Scan:
Quick 1st pencil sketch
 Ink outline and erase
Colored with pencils
 Water added.
 More pencil sketch, ink outline and erase.
 Colored with pencils.
 Water added.
 More pencil sketch, inked and erased.
Light background start in softer pencil.
  Ink and erase on background.
 Pencil coloring on background.
 Water on trees in background.
 Pencil coloring the rest.
 Final Scan.

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