Friday, January 18, 2013

Journal Prompt: Challenge in 2013

Spent the larger part of the day in the Studio, after a lovely lie-in since it's a PD Day for the younger 3 boyz, working on this page. It's for a prompt in a Facebook group.
"What is my Challenge for 2013?"

I had a bit of a think and decided that TIME covered pretty much everything coming up this year (that I know of... lol).  
Final Scan:

Pencil drew my 'champion' inked then erased... 
Then sprayed the ever-luvin' cr@p out of the page. :)
*sigh* then waited for it to dry...

Used acrylic paint to color in my 'champion'. 
The colors on the shield are the colors we use for the 4 boys (thank-you IKEA for the plates... lol) everyone has their own assigned color so we KNOW who didn't clean up. Red is Greg's color that is the protective cloak... and Green (or bright Blue) are mine.

Stamped everywhere and Journaled:
What is my Challenge in 2013?
~Fighting with Time...
* Race to buy a house
* Race to sell our house
*  Timing for courses
* Time to be a family
* Events and Activities
* Time to BE

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