Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting The Goddess Within: It's a start...

ahh... Now that the boys are all back to school and work, there is time for me to start plowing through the back-log (already?! hellz yeah...) on the courses Greg gifted me. 
Life Book is as caught up as I plan to get for a few days. 
Onto Painting The Goddess Within with Sheri Ann Ponzi.  
It's not tooooo late to go sign-up either... I'm SUPER lovin' it!

This was not a 'prompted' piece but it needed makin' none the less..
This is how I saw the Goddess during the 1st Guided Mediation exercise.
This morning I woke up and needed to get her out of my head and onto paper... 
So I grabbed a scrap and drew her with watercolor pencils.
After Water:
 Before Water:

 But, I'm getting ahead of myself!
First, I took the time to set my Goddess Altar, nestled in among the moving boxes.
Pottery Dish: Spiral design in the center, Blooming out into a flower-like design. Using to hold whatever I'm called to place there. At present, Various stones, Heart, Dragonfly, single rose petal and my Grandmother's engagement ring. Candle Holder with 4 stones facing in the correct directions, stick incense holder, charcoal disk, tongs and Celtic Triquetra loose incense burner, larger candle holder, Dragonfly, Pottery vase of feathers, Jar of Blue Moon Water, Jar of Sea Salt, various Oracle Cards and Offering Cup.
This arrangement will change with time/need and the move.

Then I jumped ahead a bit and did the 1st Guided Mediation exercise... From that I was led to make a special blend of incense, which from now on I'll be burning when I work on PTGW. 

I also continued into the 1st 2 steps, of 13... to Paint the Goddess led by Havi Mandell. 
So... this is FAR from complete, we will be gradually working on it layer by layer throughout the course. 
Invitation Message
Then spritzed with Blue Moon Water
 1st Color
2nd Color
3rd Color
 More Blue Moon Water spritzing then some Paper Toweling. Then more Paint 
 Felt the need to scrape the word Faith into the center of the heart in my Gateway.
Also spritz with Blue Moon Water mixed with Silver paint.
 'finished' Gateway welcoming the Goddess to come forth...
This is the stage I leave it at til the next lesson. 
 Close-Ups of texture:

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