Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life Book 2013: My Fairy Art Mother

The New Year has started... so has Life Book 2013!!!
*straggling in late as always...* 
The 'warm-up' exercise was to start playing with some of the newer supplies we may have never used before and create our Fairy Art Mother. The watercolor crayons are all new to me and honestly, not sure if I like them much. Our Fairy Art Mother (or Father) will be watching over us as we work, reminding us we to be Kind to Ourselves and our Art through this year's process.

She's done! 
My Fairy Art Mother wanted to remind me:
Just Be... with multi chronic health issues including ADHD, 4 boyz, 3 fur-kids and the resultant chaotic schedule that my Art-ing time is for ME and when I'm there to BE there, not the 60 million other places.
I'm MUSE Rich: That though we are poor of pocket I am rich in Creativity... if we can't get the best-est sh-tuff I *always* find a way to use what I got to create.
I love her... she is now above the wee work space I have left (we're mid move) watching over me with kind eyes.
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