Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Journal Prompt: Sylvia Plath Quote

 Created for the weekly prompt from one of my favorite art-sy Facebook groups:

Your prompt is a quote from my favorite poet Sylvia Plath 
"You're..... Clownlike, happiest on your hands, feet to the stars"
Illustrate, or portray in your own style.

After yesterday's Dark Goddess piece I wanted light & FUN!

Started with el-cheapo 8 1/2" X 11" cardstock.
Layered pattern papers...
Then stenciled with paint...
Then sprays and more stencils...
 Then more sponged paint...
Sketched and outlined an image...
Paint colored...
Re-traced for definition...
Finally added the printed quote and outlined it too.

Hadn't planned for so many layers... this morning I could not get my BIG jar of Gel Medium open so I had to resort to Mod Podge. Don't get me wrong... MP has it's uses, just don't lurrrve it on anything I plan to write over. So I added more flat-matte paint to compensate for the 'sticky' and printed the quote instead of writing it.

 Final Scan:



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Painting the Goddess Within: Dark Goddess - Hecate

 First I will direct you to a *WONDERFUL* Blog post from Sheri Ann Ponzi:
Then snarf a quote:
"So, yesterday one of the Goddesses in Painting The Goddess Within gave us a bit of a challenge. She noticed that many of the images of The Goddess that we were sharing were images of sweetness, beauty, and light.
And while these images are accurate, they aren't the whole picture.
Her call to action for us was to connect in with the angry, wrathful, destructive, ample side of The Goddess."

All this talk of the darker side of the Goddess...
Then when I opened up Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day today it read: The twenty-ninth of each month is dedicated to the Greek goddess Hecate, goddess of the crossroads, of magic and the occult, and the "dark face" of the earth mother archetype, often associated with death. Her Roman name was Trivia, literally "three roads" or crossroads.
Trivia's modern meaning is based on folklore about Witches, an old saying that "nothing of importance happens at the crossroads." These words conveyed that the sight of women/Witches meeting at the crossroads (on their way to a sabbat, perhaps?) was trivial.
In the dark days of winter, Hecate is close to us. Honor her with a plate of bread and cheese on your hearth or altar; eat some yourself, feeling nourished against winter's cold. The next time you come to a crossroads, leave a small offering there for Hecate, and ask her to help you reach your destination safely.
That was my ah-ha.. for the day. Spending time in the Studio with Dark Goddess!
Placed bread and cheese on my Altar and listen to a meditation before starting.

Descend into the Realm of Hecate:

Picture is not fantabulous...
Will have to take it out to get scanned, at 11" X 14" it's bigger than my scanner.
Sketched 1st in pencil, outlined in pens and then guides erased.
Colored with Markers, Water Color Crayons and Sharpies.

During the meditation before hand the 3 faces of the Goddess really struck me:
Maiden as Seeker of wisdom
Matron as Giver of wisdom
Crone as Keeper of wisdom...
The Crone spoke to me and her message was there are no goals that you do not have to reach through the fire first to attain. You want the Key you will have to get burned 1st... how else can you *truly* appreciate what you have now *earned*? Through this 'trial by fire' we are cleansed and formed in preparation for the Goal ahead. It is not a happy life lesson, it *will* hurt.
The Maiden cries as she gets hurt and frustrated while learning this hard lesson...
The Matron has learned this lesson and is now ready to apply it in a constructive and productive manner, thinking and preparing...
The Crone holds The Key.
Though she is not openly angry or seemingly wrathful... 
The lesson is a cruel and painful one.
Quiet wrath. 




Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Journal Prompt: If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Worked on a prompt today for a Facebook group I'm in:
If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
Ended up writing a letter to my 22 year old self. 

 Finished Page with letter poking out... 
It can be tucked all the way in. 
Letter was about 'Holding On' it will ALL be worth it in the end. 

 Close up of envie addy deets.

Made a paper copy of my hand... tried my best-est to draw in my wedding/engagement rings.
My 'letter' was telling my 22 year old self, who was at the 1st signs/stages of an abusive marriage, that a loving marriage IS possible and to hold on... because there would be 4 beautiful-special-lovely boys from what was to come. To hold on and stay strong I *would* make it through the next decade and survive.
Sprays... and sprays and stencils!
On a sealed envelope and all the extra spray on stencils was smeared on the background page. 
Waste-not Want-not.

 More stencils... and sponged paint.

 After Paint.

 More spray and stencils...
I wanted it to look like a Rose Garden... 
Part of the letter was about pretty things growing from the s**t (ie fertilizer)

 Attached the envie on 3 sides (open on top) with double sided tape... to leave a pocket for the letter. Sponged some white around where the envie was going so it would POP.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BOD 2013: January 22nd

3" X 5" Index Card
Wandering mind today... 
So many things I'm working on... and I *want* to be done them *all* NOW!
Pencils drawn -traced -then erased image, pens, markers, watercolor pencils and metallic pens.

BOD 2013: January 21st

3" X 5" Index Card
We gotz Geeky Godmother coooooookies! ...and I'm having mine with tea.
*THIS* is class.... We got a lovely wee bundle of home-baked cookies for being one of the first geeks to like our friend Lee Ann's new page and share the link. Greg actually let me take a picture before they were ALL gone. Yum! Thank-YOU Geeky Godmother. ♥
Inks, markers and printed photo. 

BOD 2013: January 20th

3" X 5" Index Card
Silly Busy Day of sh-tuff at the new house. 
Scrap paper smooshed with leftover paint base, water color pencil, paper elements and pens.

BOD 2013: January 19th

3" X 5" Index Card
Some of the ART I finished this week for Painting the Goddess Within.
Stencils, sprays, gold paint,  punchinella and markers.

BOD 2013: January 18th

3" X  5" Index Card
Fun with stencils and new stamps!
Reminder to follow MY Path... 
I know which way *I* need to go. 
Spray, stencils, stamps, ink and pens. 

BOD 2013: January 17th

3" X 5" Index Card
HIGH pain the past few days... 
PAIN + (Art) T (herapy) = ART!
Printed photo, smooshed on watercolor paints, spritzed then covered in coarse salt (left to dry then brushed off), pens and markers.

Salted ART!

BOD 2013: January 16th

3" X 5" Index Card
Note on my computer screen that morning... 
Ink and pens.

BOD 2013: January 15th

3" X 5" Index Card
Photo of some ART created... Info on the Goddess.
Came about after an exercise in Painting the Goddess Within. 
Printed Photo, sprays, papers and ink. 

BOD 2013: January 14th

3" X 5" Index Card
Thank-You Project Life 365... making quick-journals days SO much easier!
Printed photo and pens.

BOD 2013: January 13th

3" X 5" Index Card
Quickie doodles so I could get on with some backed up course work. 
Markers and pens.

BOD 2013: January 12th

3" X 5" Index Card
Layered with scraps... 
I'd wiped paint on an extra sheet of paper and saved it. 
Stamps, ink and markers.

BOD 2013: January 11th

3" X 5" Index Card
TUT message from the universe for the day... 
Pens, markers and ink pad.

BOD 2013: January 10th

3" X 5" Index Card
Spray, pens and a Meme snarfed from Facebook. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Journal Prompt: Challenge in 2013

Spent the larger part of the day in the Studio, after a lovely lie-in since it's a PD Day for the younger 3 boyz, working on this page. It's for a prompt in a Facebook group.
"What is my Challenge for 2013?"

I had a bit of a think and decided that TIME covered pretty much everything coming up this year (that I know of... lol).  
Final Scan:

Pencil drew my 'champion' inked then erased... 
Then sprayed the ever-luvin' cr@p out of the page. :)
*sigh* then waited for it to dry...

Used acrylic paint to color in my 'champion'. 
The colors on the shield are the colors we use for the 4 boys (thank-you IKEA for the plates... lol) everyone has their own assigned color so we KNOW who didn't clean up. Red is Greg's color that is the protective cloak... and Green (or bright Blue) are mine.

Stamped everywhere and Journaled:
What is my Challenge in 2013?
~Fighting with Time...
* Race to buy a house
* Race to sell our house
*  Timing for courses
* Time to be a family
* Events and Activities
* Time to BE

Painting the Goddess Within: Making a Goddess step-by-step

After following Jenn Kluska's Goddess Self Blessing meditation lesson in 'Painting the Goddess Within' yet another Goddess came out on the page. 
Done in Watercolor Pencils.
Tried to remember to take picture step-by-step: ended up with 13 in all.

Finished Scan:
Quick 1st pencil sketch
 Ink outline and erase
Colored with pencils
 Water added.
 More pencil sketch, ink outline and erase.
 Colored with pencils.
 Water added.
 More pencil sketch, inked and erased.
Light background start in softer pencil.
  Ink and erase on background.
 Pencil coloring on background.
 Water on trees in background.
 Pencil coloring the rest.
 Final Scan.