Monday, February 11, 2013

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: Monday Mugshot Collaboration Jan 15th

New Year's resolutions or ONE WORD. Do you make New Year's resolutions, or take part in the ONE WORD project?

Shoot your mug with your word or something that symbolizes your word. Some ideas would be to take a picture of your mug on top of a page with your word on it, or a trinket that reminds you of that word, or your mug in a setting that reminds you of your word. If your word was say, TRANQUILITY, you might take a picture of a mug in a window looking out into a garden)
Shooters, you can share your shots from this prompt on Monday Mugshots facebook page on the 21st of this month!  
Use watercolors on your page to emulate your word... (if you don't have water colors, watered down acrylic paint will do just fine.) use color to convey that word and what it means to you. While your paint is WET, sprinkle salt on it, and let it sit. When your paint is dry, brush off the salt. (people taking part in the creative prompt can put their mugshot for this prompt on this page.)


My Word for the year is:
... as in my search for.
That for me, so far, has meant lots and lots and lots... did I say lots? of reading... x-eyed late into the night and then more and more, usually over coffee which is dearly needed after those late nights ...and of course ART!
Just played with this layout. It's in the old Math textbook I started altering for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal last year... I'm hoping to get it all filled this year. 

1st it was a mess of collage images, sprayed and painted over.
Then stenciled over the 'mess' with white paint, flipping the stencil over to get an opposing image on the opposite page. Wanted the 'duality' of divinity I'm working with this year. 
Then I added the dictionary definition for Divine center... squirted watercolor tube paint around in a rainbow formation and finger painted them on. ooooo... messy goodness!
Spritzed it down with some silver paint in water and added the salt.
Then came the waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for it to dry. 
But it was worth it! Oh the lovely textures and shading. YUM
I love how the definition of Divine  is all hazy and soft... and it also glows out from the center breaking through to the darkness that surrounds the page. 
No additional journaling required. The message I got from this is clear.  

Mug Shot:
Smear and Spray...






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