Monday, February 4, 2013

Crop-y Goodness...

Sunday was a VERY productive day... 
Spent the day in Pierce's Corners, North Gower at the Loonie4Scrapbooking February Crop with a wonderful bunch of ladies. My once a month much-needed-no-boys-escape. ;O)
Spent the entire day making a happy mess resulting in 9 new background papers for Art Journaling and also got the picture of the Goddess Brighid I started on Imbolc done. 

Side Note:
Had a scare on Friday (Imbolc) night that put a hold on any other plans for the start of the weekend. It seems my eldest son came home from a friends with some fresh kitty dander on him, I then got a good snoot-full. Insta-puff on the entire right side of my face and down my throat. Meds were administered by family and they started working beautifully quick. Thanks be! So the rest of the weekend was spent in a post adrenaline-shot hazy-feel-like-I-just-ran-a-HUGE-marathon weak and tired state. Looking possible death in the face, yet again, does that to a body. 
I am good as gold now, still tired and a bit shaky but GOOD. 

Despite the events of Friday I was durn well determined to still go on Sunday AND going to make it worth my while! 
 The Papers were made in my usual fashion:
Use up paper scraps and ephemera attaching with Gel Medium.
Then spraying, painting, stenciling and stamping  til they were *NEW* papers.
Made six 9" X 11" papers, worked on Brighid then had more time so I made (My 1st!) three 12" X 12" papers too.  Messy Goodness!!!

This is an Instagram shot (whooo I got Instagram to work! lol) I took after the lunch break. 
These are the six 9" X 11" papers I got done and the finished Brighid.

9" X 11" papers... Before and Afters:
Afters are scans made at home this morning, sharper and cleared than photos. 

1 Before:
1 After:

 2 Before:
 2 After:

3 Before:
 3 After:

 4 Before:
 4 After:

5 Before:
 5 After:

6 Before:
 6 After:

Brighid when I arrived: 
(Will post all the in between pictures in another Post labeled: Painting the Goddess within)
 Brighid Done:
Watercolor Pencils and Crayons used for coloring.

12" X 12" Papers... Before and Afters:
 Unfortunately I can't scan these they are waaaay to big so I had to take after-pictures instead.

1 Before:
 1 After:

2 Before:
 2 After:

3 Before:
 3 After:

...and if you made it all the way down to the end you get the same treat we did:
This just rocked, Thanks Dany! :)

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