Friday, February 8, 2013

Painting the Goddess Within: Nikki Shannon's Energy Painting Process... Goddess of Willendorf

Spent the past month working on this piece, have *thoroughly* enjoyed this lesson. 
The videos have been watched over and over and over... 
Been hearing Nikki in my sleep chanting: 
"Texture... Texture... Texture...". 
Which is a GOOD thing! lol 
Energy Painter Nikki Shannon is our instructor for this lesson and she has put together an amazing experience for you. Nikki beautifully guides us through the process of creating a multi-layered painting filled with the energies of The Goddess, specifically The Goddess of Willendorf. 
I trust you will be as enchanted by Nikki and her process as I was!

We begin with The Goddess of Willendorf for a number of reasons. On the most basic level, her lines are simple and creating her is relatively easy. But more importantly, she is a symbol of and a doorway to the most ancient Goddess energies. And her voluptuous figure assists us in reclaiming our own bodies and releasing some of the shame and guilt we all carry about being "too fat" or too anything!
Symbols Used:
Goddess Willendorf
Chalice Well
Mother's Wheel
Triple Moon

What I love best about this painting and it's progressed was the 'Fire Within ~ Calm Without' that resulted after all the layers were added. There is SO much going on within, and it cracks through here and there... but the overall final is so calm, misty, earth-y and soft. 
The end layers looked like the mists of time to me... and the blued and green intertwined in the Goddess herself, especially around her belly, reminiscent of the Earth itself. 
The pictures do NOT do it justice...
There is a warm glow to the painting and it pulses like a soft background drumbeat.
Soothing, yet also oh so Strong.







LOVE that orange coming through... 

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