Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Apple Project, Part 2: Grungy Steampunk

Recently, through an Art Group on Facebook, a bunch of us 'artists' were asked to 'decorate an apple' for a fundraiser being held by one of the members... 
Was playing Teacher's Pet so *I* got two!
I've split the 2 projects into separate Blog Posts because there are lots of pictures of both apples. 

***But 1st a message about the cause from Sarah Willgohs***
The fundraiser will benefit Will Go Where, a non-profit supporting teachers who want to take their students on transformational education trips. Teachers will be able to apply for funds and then use those funds to raise the additional money required for the trip. Teachers who teach in schools that have high free/reduced lunch programs, rural schools, and those with 8 or less years in the classroom will be given priority.
I'm hoping the fundraiser will be ready for August and there will be an online presence so if friends/family or anyone who wants to bid on the apples, will be able to do so.
Part 2:
For my 2st Apple I had, had, HAD to make a Steampunk one... 'cause I'm *me*. 
This apple was a true labour of love... many, many days of layers and drying.
Entire apple was sliced shallowly into 'sections, then painted with various metallic paints and finally dry brushed to make it good'n'grundy.
Gears inside are held in with brads, nails, pins and needles. I tried to use 3D Crystal lacquer but there was an odd chemical reaction with the metal, resulting in a curious blue fluid that refuses to dry. It looks wonderful! Happy accident just adds to the mystery... and looks a lot like some kind of mechanical oil. 
The window is packaging left over from some beads, held in with copper colored 3D Crystal Lacquer. 
The Key 'stem' is also attached with 3DCL. 
Studs are a mixture of brads (normal and screw head) and mini-pins (gold and silver)
Must say this apple weighs a LOT more then it did when it arrived! lol
Both apples are packed and ready to ship... off to a good cause!





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