Monday, February 25, 2013

Travelling Art Journal: PETS

Still working away on the 'mail-along' items before the move...

The past few days Julie's Journal, Theme PETS, has been in the works.
The pages started as Gel Medium and Printer Image transfers. Laid the Gel on extra thick and had to wait over night for each page to to dry. Did them separately over 2 days so as to not risk spilling sh-tuff  over and onto others pages. This one is almost full! *happy dance* 
Then a little doodle-y doodle-y doooo... with Sharpies and Gel Pen.

Book is 8" X 5"
Finished layout is closer to 8" X 11" (with spiral spine)

Finished pages

 Post-Dry Pre-Peel...
 Post-Peel... but still damp...

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