Thursday, February 7, 2013

Journal Prompt... goes Steampunk!

*happy dance* I'm all caught up on at least one thing! *woot woot*
This was made for the latest prompt in Cafe Dell Arte...

Tricia's prompt is to PLAY. 
Do what makes you happy. 
Use all of your favorite materials. 
Make a page that puts a smile on your face.

Decided it's been toooo long since I dragged my favorite papers, stamps, punches etc... out and went steam-y. :) Used paper scraps from my Steampunk collection ('cause I have a pretty big one now) to start, added gear punches and the 'ghost sheet' I punched out of... stencils, stamps and LOTS of paint and Glimmer Mist. I missed my gear-y goodness-y sh-tuff. More than I realized.
One of my favorite little bits of this is how her hat worked out... when I looked the 2 leaves were on the page (it was a botanical sheet), on her hat... so I drew them in. I also used the line if the side of the dress form to decide where her skirt would be... it was perfectly placed. 

Quote comes from the companion book to the Steampunk Tarot.

Everything she creates is part of her,
and comes, often painfully, 
from her very core.
~Barbara Moore~

It perfectly described the past few weeks and how my life has been going. 
With the 'excitement' of the upcoming move, the physical aspects, the emotional and the chemical my body is in hyper-drive pain wise. Stress is a trigger and even 'good stress' can cause problems.  It's ALL good stress, at this stage (just don't say PACK near me it's the newest 4-letter word) but it's still stress and the body doesn't differentiate the good from the bad.
So I work out the P-A-I-N with P-A-I-N-T. (or markers or pencils or... you get the idea...)

8 1/2" X 11"

Paper... Paper... Paper...
 Overlaid with punches, ghost paper, paints, stencils and stamps...
 Close-Up of Leaves in Hat...
 Sketched in...
 Love this stage... Ghost on the page!
Flesh colored in...
 Growing Dress...
 More Dress...
 She's all done.
Waiting for a quote...
Finished scan:
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