Monday, February 4, 2013

Painting the Goddess Within: Brighid

This is the picture of the Goddess Brighid I started on Imbolc. Got the sketching and idea down on the paper Friday will all intentions of working into the night after supper but plans changed...

Shared from another Blog Post:
Had a scare on Friday (Imbolc) night that put a hold on any other plans for the start of the weekend. It seems my eldest son came home from a friends with some fresh kitty dander on him, I then got a good snoot-full. Insta-puff on the entire right side of my face and down my throat. Meds were administered by family and they started working beautifully quick. Thanks be! So the rest of the weekend was spent in a post adrenaline-shot hazy-feel-like-I-just-ran-a-HUGE-marathon weak and tired state. Looking possible death in the face, yet again, does that to a body. 
I am good as gold now, still tired and a bit shaky but GOOD. 
Yesterday I went to a crop and as I was heading out the door, in the usual last 'crap I *know* I'm forgetting something' rush grabbed the sketch off my desk. Good thing too!
I *did* forget ALL my scrapbooking embellishments, the whole toot-in' bin. 
So I had lots of time to work with Brighid... maybe that was her plan?
Colored with a mixture of Watercolor pencils and crayons. 
Finished Scan:
 What was done when I got there...
Pencil Sketch.

Pen outline and erase...

Color adding...

Color adding...

All Done!

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