Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Art Journal... Play, Play, Play...

Yesterday was wonderful... 
Was able to leave the packing, cleaning and move prep behind for a few hours and go PLAY with some lovely ladies making ART. *bliss* The afternoon was hosted by Wendy over at: the topic this month was Transfers. 
Now I'm a newbie to transfers so I went with noooo expectations and some papers I wasn't 'in-love' with. These were the paper I made Sunday at the Crop... using up paper and bits and pieces before the move. Waste-Not, Want-Not!

This is what I got started on yesterday:

*Top Left is packing tape transfer from a magazine.

*Top Right is Printer and Gel Medium 
Finished this at home so it's till damp.

*Bottom Right is my favorite, also a Printer and Gel Medium.
Being my 1st it had lots of time to dry (the others didn't) so it worked really well. 
This is the one I finished a page with today

*Bottom Left was an experiment with Gel Medium and a printer-made photo. 
It's also still wet and looking better and better as it dries. 
Will have to do something creeeepy with it though... big eyeball and such. lol


Packing Tape and Magazine:
It was toooo shiny so they are coated in a few layers of Clear Gesso (still dampish).

Ta-Da! Fini!
This was made for a prompt in Cafe dell Arte on Facebook.
Jill's prompt was to PLAY with something New-to-us... check!
Under are the reverse progress photos.

Printed Photo and Gel Medium:
Still wet here when it dried the eye was much clearer to see. 
Creeeepy... the GM changed the colors of the ink from the printer...
I have some ideas percolating now that I know this... 
Play, Play, Play!!!!

More Printer images and Gel Medium:
Started this at group then sandwiched it between paper and had to head home...
Wet it today and started 'pilling' the paper away... much shadowier, ghost like pictures. Also dried much cleared to see. I think these are getting cut up for some ATC's... will see.

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