Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Days til our Wedding...

...and I *think* I'm still sane! That is amazing in and of itself... lol.
We're into the final stages of getting perishable foods and picking up rentals.
I can safely say that anything I had to craft is DONE!!!!
This is the rest of it:

The Candle Favors:
It's a 7PM Candlelight Service and so everyone is getting their favor on the way in... when the Pastor lets people know it's time to start he'll ask them to turn on their Electric Candles. So we should be walking down to aisle to lots of our friends 'lighting the way' for us.I must say these turned out better than I had hoped. The original plan was metal wire holders but the store didn't have enough and couldn't get a reorder in time. These are IKEA glass holders... so the kids will be getting Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelets & Bubbles instead. ;O)
I was really thrilled that the stickers we had ordered were a PERFECT fit on the bottom.

The Card Box:

Another fluke... I grabbed this at the last minute when we were buying all the dinner sh-tuff (plates, cups, napkins, serving bowls, tongs etc...). It was a Plain-Jane white pop-together box.
12 X 12 X 12... ah ha! A Perfect Job for scrapbook paper! 5 matching sheets, a glue stick and a printed off label later and voila!

The Candy Buffet Baggies:
These turned out better than I had pictured! I had expected to be making them from brown bags but Micheal's had DARK GREEN! Small bit of ribbon in our other Wedding Color, Dark Blue... a sticker and Dragonfly stamped also in Dark Blue later and we have our bags. Simple yet Pretty.

Food Labels:

For the Candy, Dessert, Chip and Fruit & Cheese Buffets.
Different people are bringing different things so I made them all blank and will have X-fine sharpies there for people to fill in what they brought, and wether it's Gluten/Nut/Diabetic Safe.

Activity Signs:

BRIGHT and Easy to see!
We have several stations for people to do sh-tuff... no lazy guests allowed. :O) This way the activities are easy to spot around the room.

The OTHER reason I'm done crafting...
Greg's Grandmother, Cupper, treated me to some girl-y time yesterday.
I got an eyebrow wax (ow!), pedicure... pretty pink tosies, and Acrylic 'Talons' as Greg's calling them. LOL. I must say they make most things a wee bit harder to do. But I really like them. My nails are very thin, tending to bend and break easy. I would so do Acrylics again, though not this long! They are friggen' indestructible at least compared to MY nails. lol

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