Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding... WOW!

I have the BEST-est Friends!!!
And it's PERFECT for the Rustic-y Celtic feel we're going for at the Wedding.
lol... I am not a tool person and we live in a teeny townhouse with a postage-stamp backyard, so no trees... let alone one to spare! :O)
My friend Eric however lives on a pretty patch of forested swamp and has lots of trees, including a couple down already his wife was 'nudging' him to deal with soon.
So he got out his chainsaw and made us THIS:

I'm really floored... it's perfect!
There will be a 8-9" Dark Chocolate cake on top with our birdie topper:

Rising above a field of dark chocolate fondant covered cupcakes with 2 flat white birds pressed onto each one...

It's going to look great!
Thank-You Eric!!!!
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