Monday, September 13, 2010

Life is rolling along...

The Studio and the rest of my poor, over-cluttered house have been in overdrive!
We are at 12 days and counting down til the wedding.

Good News!!!
William's in-patient program went better than expected,
he's coming home Tuesday night... to stay!

There have been some new Therapy options put forth and a major medication change. We have a full-run-down discharge meeting all of tomorrow afternoon.
We'll know more then.

In the meantime, back at the ranch...
Plans are still being hurriedly yanked together for our Wedding on the 25th.
Most of the things I have to make we can't afford the supplies for until the 16th so I'll have more pictures after that. At present I'm assembling 'boxes' for each table at the reception. It's not a sit-down but a Dessert/Chip/Cheese/Apples/Candy Buffet. We will have very minimal Guest seating, enough for the older folks and for people to drop for a bit between dances and stop to nibble, then move on.
LOTS of activities planned.
There will be a KIDS ONLY table stuffed with bubbles, markers, coloring pages and a few other little treats.
My Mother generously agreed to pack that up and store it at her place. There are 4 sets of lil'boy prying eyes and more importantly prying fingers in this house! lol
The other tables will have sign-able photo mats, time capsules and another with photos & an array of scrapbook pages/projects I've made about 'US'.
I still need to buy the 4 paint cans to make the Time Capsules but I WILL post pictures when they're done.
The only Boxes packed so far are the 4 RubberMaid Totes with the Candy Buffet. Greg and I spent an evening playing with candy, containers and arrangements and finally came up with this rough plan:

The 2 bowls in the center-middle are missing the Diabetic safe Candy and Fortune Cookies. We have black tongs to put out and silver scoops too. The arrangement will be a little more compressed so we can put the Favor Boxes along both sides. We figure there will be a bit of nibbling at the Reception but most people will fill a box to take home. There will also be a sign that says 'Love is Sweet, Take a Treat'.
The Table cloth will be a Darker Blue, so the 15 electric candles will show a bit better.

I DID manage to get the Programs done. Much hassle though!
I have a fancy smancy Photo Printer ($300) that refused to accept the pre-done Program bases. SOOOOOO frustrating! I had 2 other friends over working on their wedding stuff, they're getting married October 3rd. They watched me fight, jiggle, caress, sweet-talk, scream at... you name it to get the $%#@! printer to work. 6 hours I wasted, ugh. Good thing they brought booze with them... lol, Drunken Brides Club.
I swear that machine drove me to drink!
Popped the bases in our $30 'spare' printer and vvrrrrrrmmmm... out they came...
Thank-God for cheap printers! lol

Back & Front
The center of the Cross will have a gemstone on it... need to buy those on the 16th too. :O)

With Time Capsule Sheets attached.

Time Capsule Sheets


All the Clip Art is courtesy of Aon Celtic Art.
FANTASTIC site with ample FreeWare images.

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