Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Daily 2011... it's a start....

It's the 1st day of December... time to start the December Daily!
Spent 1/2 the day yesterday cleaning, clearing and gathering in the Studio to get ready for this... and the other Holiday Hoop-la that'll need to be created over the next few weeks.
The other 1/2 was spent painting the living room, parts of me ache I didn't know I had...
Blessings for Aleve! ;O)

Decided that I just *can't* do pre-done pages this year
Tried that last year and it's I need to let my Muse take the lead each day and I can't predict what kinda mood she's gunna be in!
I think clean and put on a good shirt, sure enough... it'll be a messy day.
I say 'Whooo-Hooo... I'm ripping to go!" She says "meh, maybe later...".
I say "s**t to much on the To-Do list today" she whispers in my ear... ideas, ideas, ideas... and sure enough the To-Do list stays undone.
This year I'm planning to do it TRASH-THE-BOOK style. I'm going to alter a Reader's Digest Book my 3 youngest kids brought home. They were coming home from school on recycle day and someone had put 6 books out in the recycle, worn, torn and shabby... my kids 'rescued' them, sure I could 'use them for my art'. I Love my Kids! They are lovely...
I selected this one for the cover paper... wintery and lovely texture.
I'll keep posting as I do each day and you can watch it 'grow & change' through December.
You can join the fun on Flickr following December Daily 2011.

Also spent a gooooood amount of time going through my stamp bins and embellishments yanking anything I thought might be extra useful this month.
If I can see it I'm more likely to use it.

Bin of SU! Stamps, all Winter/Holiday/Word-y Themed:
Bin of Misc. Stamps again all Winter/Holiday/Word-y...
and punches:
Small Basket of sh-tuff...
Things that are 'newer', loose stamps and rollers.
*THE* Bin of Christmas Sh-tuff
Usually lives under my desk for the inevitable 'Christmas in July' project stash grab.
Papers, Stickers, Brads and other Crafty-Cr@p, lol:
The Newest Addition...
2nd hand store finds, 2 garbage bags of donations form friends...
All Winter/Holiday themed. Finally gathered in 1 spot.
The Studio has been cleansed into the 1 Tub:

The problem with cleaning up people gravitate to the cleaner areas and start making a mess... lol
William decided Stamps make good Building Blocks.
Plus he *had* to stamp some stuff to color in...
Yup, he's Mine!:

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